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We Live In An Era Of Universal Deceit, But It's About To Get Worse.

basil_hallwardJul 26, 2017, 4:55:06 PM

#technology #internet #artificial-intelligenceWe live in an era of universal deceit, political spin and information media controlled by corporate cartels ensure that information made available to is is tailored to fit a narrative that serves The Powers That Be, the deliberate distribution of "fake news" undermines those who, with limited resources do their best to get versions of the news stories that at least  relate in some way to the actuality, and news media with the big budgets that can 'buy' audience share are content to print or broadcast propaganda and celebrity gossip designed to distract from real issues.

Ironically one of the great deceits is Artificial Intelligence, the belief that machines will one day soon be able to think as humans do and, unencumbered by emotions, distractions and human nature, make better decisions than we do based on pure logic. Computer nerds have been pushing the artificial intelligence narrative since I loaded (from punched paper tape) the first program I wrote, almost fifty years ago. In terms of real human intelligence we are no closer to achieving that than we were then. It will only be feasible to think in terms of intelligent machines when we actually understand how human intelligence works. Or when we allow scientists to rewrite the dictionary and redefine the meaning of intelligence, which appears to be what they aim to do.

Digital technology, particularly the Internet, which was billed as the medium that would "liberate information" and put the entire world at everybody's fingertips has beenb at best a mixed blessing, certainly it gives us all a platform from which to share our thoughts or rage into the abyss. There are several problems however, first among which is the sheer volume of information, video, audio, graphics and the written world, that spews forth every day

.Second is the problem of censorship; at the moment Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook is, deservedly, the target of the anti - censorship lobby but the real culprit, the one that makes Orwellian levels of control possible.

The recent multi - billion dollar fine imposed on Google by the European Union after the search giant was found to have abused its near monopoly in internet search to rig search results to its own advantage is a prime example of how digital information filters can be tweaked to conceal as well as find information.

As the old saying goes, "no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse, as Daisy Luther at Activist Post reveals:

Welcome to the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Technological DeceitPretty soon, computer wizardry and artificial intelligence will allow video footage to be created that is practically indiscernible from the real deal. Add holographic technology, and soon a person apparently be speaking live on screen and you’d never know it was fake. The ethical ramifications of AI and technology are simply mind-boggling. Follow the link below to learn about the latest plans to deceive us.

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