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Electrosensitivity - the Wi - Fi disease.

basil_hallwardJul 24, 2017, 4:21:31 PM

So you thought people who wear tinfoil hats are crazy conspiracy theorists? Not so fast there, some of them might actually be onto something.While these people are not tinfoil hat wearers either literally or in a metaphorical sense, the measures they take to avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation (radio - activity) can seem rather paranoid until you know more about them.                                             Electrosensitivity - image source: safeconnectplus.com

A headline I saw on a link to 21st Century Wire reminded me of a story posted on one of my blogs back in 2015 about a condition known as electrosensitivity, and the adverse effect the saturation of societies in the developed world with electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices has on these people.

Back in the 1980s I was a project manager on the building of cellular networks and while the world was being told that using mobile phones was harmless (in normal circumstances it is,) we were learning the truth, some of which I was aleady aware of from my years working in the nuclear industry. A few seconds exposure to radiation from one of the transmitters while working on the masts could sterilise an adult male human, prolonged exposure could result in cancers and organ damage.

The thing to remember with exposure to radio activity however is it has a cumulative effect. This is why safety people in the nuclear industry talk about The Banana Equivalent Dose. A banana a day for a year, they will tell you, leads to more exposure than driving past the site of a nuclear accident such as Three Mile Island or Chenobyl.

At the time of the Fukushuima disaster I wrote an aticle titles The Nuclear Banana, a quite technichal piece explaining how radiation affects us and why it is not as dangerous as the media would have you believe. In the article (to save you reading it) the difference in radiation levels between weapons grade material, the grades used in power generation or medical equipment and the radiation given off by the humble banana, are explained. But, just as some of us are more susceptible to the common cold than others, likewise some are more susceptible to cellphones, Wi - Fi routers and other devices that give off small but significant levels of radiation.

Here's the intro   that video I saw, followed by links to a couple of my posts, which really need to be updated and have the links checked before I repost them here

.Wi Fi Refugees - 21 Wire

“Electrosensitive people insist that Wi-Fi and cell phones are inflicting constant harm on humans, animals, and nature. Their testimonies are not the only evidence that non-ionising radiation may not be as harmless as we have been led to believe. Scientific studies that have been conducted on plants, insects, and mice suggest these electromagnetic waves may be damaging living organisms.

Scientists from around the world have appealed to the UN, warning of the negative, long-term effects that electromagnetic fields could be having on animal and plant life. At the moment, electrosensitive people have no choice but to flee to the woods or distant rural areas that wireless technology hasn’t yet reached. This often means leaving their families behind. Such sanctuaries are not easy to find, however, and they are becoming scarcer by the day.

Sufferers warn that they are just the first to have detected the problem, which they expect to get worse and affect more and more people. Their message is not to stop progress, but to proceed with caution, making sure new technology is really safe before it is made widely.”


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