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If We Cared...

Marcus Tullius CiceroJul 21, 2017, 7:01:36 PM

If we cared about children as a society, we would forbid the institution of pensions and child services and instead make the elderly reliant on their savings and children for support in later years. If we cared about the elderly we would ostracize those who have no respect for filial piety. If we cared about people, we would never burden them with the expectation that they should retire and we would make it economically disadvantageous to have big box stores and fast-food chains. If we cared about education we would abolish public schooling and end state subsidies of educational institutions instead of wasting public money for politically motivated research and the perpetuation of government propaganda. If we cared about women we would not have invented gender studies and instead we would teach them the psychology of healthy relationships and ban pornography. If we really cared about black people we would not ghettoize their communities by giving them endless subsides, instead we would cut back the welfare system and make them earn a living so that they respect themselves and their communities. If we cared about Mexicans we would send them back to Mexico so that they are forced to revolt against their corrupt and ineffective government. If we cared about homosexuals then we would condemn Islam as incompatible with western values and we would drop the nonsense about 78 genders which are essentially turning homosexuality into a fashion statement and trivializing the struggles of homosexual men and women.  


If we cared about beauty we would paint figural art and build low rise buildings with masonry, not modernist crap and concrete skyscrapers. If we cared about our beliefs, we would act with conviction, regardless of the truth of our theologies. If we cared about justice, we would abolish mandatory minimum sentencing and give no company a contract to run a jail. If we cared about those suffering from terminal illnesses, we would lift the ban on marijuana sales. If we cared about personal security, we would abolish the TSA for violating us at the airport and being ineffective at providing security against terrorism. If we cared about and respected ourselves nobody would get tattoos, and if we cared about others we wouldn't offer unsolicited advice. If we cared about the sanctity of life, we would advocate for both for sex education and for responsible sex, instead of either using Christianity to justify sexual ignorance or using abortion as a cure-all for irresponsibility. If we cared about peace, we would have left the middle east alone. If we cared about democracy in Russia, we wouldn't have allowed NATO to engulf the former Warsaw Pact, and we wouldn't have bankrupted the Russians in the 1990's all of which caused the anti-western sentiment that allowed for the rise of Vladimir Putin. If we cared about ending slavery, we would stop buying things made in China. If we even cared about capitalism, we would stop trying to perpetuate wage-slavery in the far east because slavery of any kind is entirely contrary to and inimical to capitalism, and moreover we would declare Antifa and other communist agitators terrorist organizations. If we cared about individualism, we would stop promoting egalitarianism. And if we cared about the horrors of Nazism, we would stop calling random people on the internet Nazis, cheapening the word through misuse. If we even cared about our money, we wouldn’t have bought hover-boards, iPads or Starbucks coffee! But we don’t care, through silence we have tacitly willed the destruction of everything our forefathers built and for this reason, history will condemn us like it condemns the debauched sons of Remus who overthrew the greatness of Rome before any barbarians could defile her.