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Minds Doesn't Heart Progress Part 2: Hello Daniel.

LadyDMagnusJul 14, 2017, 6:01:15 PM

So for many users, the name heart progress has come to be associated with a few names and an ‘activist’ organization called Heart Progress. This group openly supports the normalization and legalization of pedophilia. Sure, they attempt to hide in a flag of many colors and are happy to through their full weight behind supporting Shariah law even as some claim they are feminists. We could spend all day talking about the cognitive dissonance that implies, but that isn’t the thing that should concern people. Before I introduce you to our old pal Daniel, a bit of education:

What is concerning is the idea that these people are trying to push. That young children can willingly consent to a sexual relationship with adults. Anyone capable of an iota of logic knows that this is wrong. The brain of a person is still developing up until the age of 25 (why else would we make so many silly mistakes as hormone riddled teens and wild days at uni?). We can take a look at Piaget’s four stages of child development as a guide for tracking the levels of cognitive development:

1.       Senisorimotor (birth – 2) – A child learns the world through touch and physical manipulation. They develop their early language skills and begin grasping the concept of object permanence.

2.       Preoperational (2-7) – Children begin to associate the symbolic nature of words and picture. They are also at a very egocentric phase in their life and often cannot see from an outsider’s perspective . While their thoughts are more complex, they tend to be concrete rather than abstract.

3.       Concrete Operational (7-11) – The beginnings of a logical thought and the ability to move beyond concrete concepts. Abstract thought is still difficult though and most children struggle with it. They will also begin to think of things from the perspective of others.

4.       Formal Operational (11/12 to adult) – The ability to think in abstract terms is solidified and children will be able to think in hypothetical terms. At this time they are able to think of multiple solutions to a problem rather than just one.

As you can see, children do not have the logic and thoughtfulness to jump into a serious sexual relationship with an adult. An adult can use their deductive reasoning skills to weigh the pros and cons of entering into such a relationship, but this is after they have gone through quite a bit of mental maturation. Some members of this heart progress community might see this as an opportunity to ‘mentor’ a child so they may explore the benefits of such a relationship, as mentioned in my last blog. But no matter what window dressings they may toss on, it is abuse. We do not condone it when someone has sex with a person too inebriated to give consent, why would we even consider doing to for a pedophile? Of course, that will not stop them from attempting to tell us otherwise. Let’s take a look at an archived post you will no longer find on heart progress’ site.  From ‘Daniel Gaither’, Children Can’t consent, an invalid argument:

There is no feature to sexual activity that makes it importantly different from all the other things children are brought to be involved in by their parents and caretakers.

Really ‘Daniel’? Sex is just another activity? It’s not say, something that can cause chemical changes to the brain? Ever heard of oxytocin the love hormone that rushes through your body after sex prompting the feelings of bonding to your partner? Yea, that isn’t any different from chowing down on a bowl of ice cream.

They don’t need to consent to anything else their parents have them do, and so you’re unjustified in your belief that children can’t have sex for the reason that they can’t consent to it. It’s a wrong belief anyway because of course children can consent to sex. Consent just means to express a willingness to be involved in whatever one is brought to be involved in. There is no stage during human development when that isn’t possible

Consent is just saying yes? Really? Let me give you a bit of advice from the University of Virginia IRB for Social and Behavioral sciences:

Consent also requires an adult level of understanding. Often children, particularly young children, are unable to understand the full scope of the decision put before them. It is important that a parent/legally authorized representative be the primary person to give consent in order to act in the child’s best interests

Consent requires an adult level of understanding. If we take a look again at Piaget’s stages of development, it shows that children do not have the adult level of understanding. Brain scans would show that large areas, especially the frontal lobe, take years to fully form.

Sexual activity isn’t some kind of complicated social contract that requires deliberation or special knowledge of any kind. The dumbest of wild beasts have sex. Having an orgasm does not require special knowledge.

So according to Daniel, shouldn’t even matter. We’re basically animals fulfilling an animal need. Sex is just a physical act with no emotional components. Daniel, I pray you never attempt to tell this to a woman in real life. I doubt they would take it well.

 Since when has a lack of understanding been a moral barrier to being educated about something? If a child doesn’t understand calculus, is it immoral to teach them math?

Wait?! I’ve seen this before!

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:13:42 PM

@LadyDMagnus Children are sexual beings since they're human beings.The belief that children can’t consent to sex for lack of an ability to make an informed decision is one of the most schizophrenic things a person could possibly believe when compared to other things children are allowed and even expected to do. Since when has a lack of understanding been a moral barrier to being educated about something? If a child doesn’t understand calculus, is it immoral to teach them math? Im not advocating for the right to be sexual with children but normalizing and acceptance of pedophilia.

Well, I’ll be, if it isn’t our old pal Jenny! But then again, this isn’t the first time Jenny has recited Daniel’s words. In fact, not the first time Jenny has reprinted an entire on of Daniel’s articles.




But then, Jenny has been attempting to hide his interests for some time. Let’s take a look at a few more posts by Jenny:


JennyLover 83


Apr 2, 2017

Well, as I've said before, I'm a vagina fan and I think the vagina is by far out the holiest part of a LG's body. However I find butts also interesting in a way. For those who don't know me I am a BL as well as GL, and on a little boy my favourite part of his body is the anus, by far and away. However for girls I have heard they don't have a prostate, but their anus can still be erogenous (although in a different way). Please note that I haven't had experience here, I'm just posting from what I've heard. So what do you think? Sewage outlet or sexual organ, folks?


https://plus.google.com/118239124875812827621 (Look what Jenny Posted?!)

Oh Jenny, its good to know you’re so very open about the parts of the child’s body you are so very fond of. It really lets us take a nice hard look at what type of person you really are.

The punishments you are a supporter of and the bigotry you feel towards pedophiles is entirely the reason children are traumatized when they come to be involved in not only harmless, but profoundly beneficial sexual activity with a loving and responsible caretaker. You are the reason little children suffer. You are a child abuser, and you are the reason why their suffering turns into a lifelong struggle. If you believe that cultural conditioning can shape a person’s powerful gut reactions about things that are intensely punished, and if you are motivated by a desire to protect children from psychological harm, then why don’t you react with a sense of urgency at wanting scientific studies to be conducted investigating pedophilia and which take cultural conditioning into account? If it were true that the punishments you support are actually the source of harm in children, wouldn’t you want to know so that children could be kept from harm? And if you don’t react with a sense of urgency, doesn’t that mean you don’t care if you’re harming children?

The values of society are that tolerance and acceptance and fairness and kindness and love and the right of parents to raise their children in whatever harmless way they choose are held to be more important than intolerance and hate and disgust and bigotry and the value of sexual purity. In this way, it is against the values of society to support the criminalization of pedophilia.

If none of this convinced you to change your beliefs, then tell me: would anything? Can you even say what criteria would be needed to convince you to change? Or are your beliefs not based upon evidence and reason?

Well Jenny, Daniel, whoever you really are. Let me set you straight. We don’t hate the victims of sexual abuse. We want them to feel that they can come forward and share their experiences. We are not the ones doing the abuse. That is the pedophile. You are the abuser. You can pretend all you like that you are a mentor, a guide to these young children. But it’s a sick delusion. You are the abuser, the manipulator and will face the ramifications of your actions. Whether that is complete social exile or a jail cell.


As a final note, here’s a tweet from @TheHoneyBee_ . Take a good look at Daniel’s avatar picture. Looks really familiar doesn’t it?