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Minds Does Not Heart Progress

LadyDMagnusJul 12, 2017, 1:01:04 AM

Minds is a diverse platform of people from every corner of the political and ideological spectrum. This is made possible by the site’s commitment to the freedom of speech. The freedom to post whatever the user feels without fear of being turned over to government authority figure for an opinion. However, there has recently been a disturbance in the community. Something that has had every single eye turn and many a jaw drop. And behold their logo (just me or is it kinda...creepy? Don't look behind you little omega!)

A small, but rather vocal group of self-identified pedophiles, several belonging to the ‘activist’ group Heart Progress, including its previous president @ErnstSteiner and current leader @JamesCarter2017. They may be only a handful, but they’ve managed to do something not even Donald Trump could. They have united all of Minds in an uproar. They seem surprised that so many minds users are unhappy to have them on the platform as one user posted very recently:

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 11, 2017, 3:28:08 PM

@TheBurnsideFilmProject I can't take the bias any longer. I’m not the only pedophile on minds.com but most importantly all my boosted post to a specific audience is getting denied where as the anti-Semitic content is getting boosted daily.

Clearly, users find vulgar Nazi memes to be preferable to reading posts about tolerance and the benefits of pedastry

Thank you very much @ErnstSteiner for letting us know his thoughts on how to control your little boy’s toxic masculinity. WE also have promo from @Jennylover83

Sadly, @Ernst and @Jennylover83 are not alone in his willingness to promote the benefits of a sexual relationship with children:

CliveMartin9Jul 5, 2017, 10:32:50 PMEDITED

Making love: One of, if not the GREATEST sensation that human beings can and will ever feel. More importantly it represents a physical bind between two human beings who love one another. EVERY human being, regardless of age, color, or gender, deserves this privilege, this right. The right to love. #HeartProgress #trump #lgbt #lgbtp #pedosexual #feminism #blm #clinton #lovematters #love#lovetrumpshate #politics #cnnblackmail #memewars #leakers


JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:13:42 PM

@LadyDMagnus Children are sexual beings since they're human beings.The belief that children can’t consent to sex for lack of an ability to make an informed decision is one of the most schizophrenic things a person could possibly believe when compared to other things children are allowed and even expected to do. Since when has a lack of understanding been a moral barrier to being educated about something? If a child doesn’t understand calculus, is it immoral to teach them math? Im not advocating for the right to be sexual with children but normalizing and acceptance of pedophilia.

Neph3lim @Neph3lim Jul 9, 2017, 3:05:29 PM

So you think as an adult that undeveloped minds are free game sexually?

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:07:19 PM

@Neph3lim Most teliophiles will pick it up once they try it.


JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:26:18 PM

@LadyDMagnus Im saying we should not prevent children from doing something so harmless and yet beneficial!

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:28:13 PM

@LadyDMagnus Bonding with others is arguably among the most beneficial of things a human could possibly do. In fact, it’s probably the single most important and beneficial thing. There’s nothing about sexual activity that prevents a child from sharing in that benefit. Also, it’s immensely pleasurable, which is a benefit all on its own.

And perhaps what is most disturbing is the complete disregard for the fact that children cannot consent:

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:23:01 PM

@TheBurnsideFilmProject The Age of Consent is a bullshit law that has no scientific backing. It was created for Child Prostitution back when it was legal. Physical maturity? In girls, puberty usually starts around 11 years of age, but it may start as early as 6 or 7 years of age. In boys, puberty begins around 12 years as age, but may start as early as 9 years of age.

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:23:54 PM

@LadyDMagnus I dont think sexual activity is some kind of complicated social contract that requires deliberation or special knowledge of any kind. The dumbest of wild beasts have sex. So saying you need to require high knowledge to participate in sex is ridiculous.

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:15:55 PM

I believe punishment causes distress. The greater the punishment, the greater the distress. Pedophilia is one of the most punished things on earth. No one is even allowed to not be traumatized by pedophile sexual activity. Anyone who doesn’t show guilt and shame and fear and trauma—or at least a deep sense of wrongness—for being sexually involved with a pedophile, but instead expressed defiance and a desire to do it again, would be positively vilified. https://www.minds.com/blog/view/729785617935769620

JennyLover83 @JennyLover83 Jul 9, 2017, 3:13:42 PM

@LadyDMagnus Children are sexual beings since they're human beings.The belief that children can’t consent to sex for lack of an ability to make an informed decision is one of the most schizophrenic things a person could possibly believe when compared to other things children are allowed and even expected to do. Since when has a lack of understanding been a moral barrier to being educated about something? If a child doesn’t understand calculus, is it immoral to teach them math? Im not advocating for the right to be sexual with children but normalizing and acceptance of pedophilia.

The acceptance of pedophilia. As if society blames the victims of these crimes. What a great attempt to hide behind the children they have hurt. Whether they know the harm they’ve done or are simply to narcassictic to care about anything other than the benefits they receive is up for debate. Still, they push for acceptance. That it is ok to have sex with an individual who by law cannot consent. Someone who is young, naïve, and easy to manipulate. We’ve seen many cases of pedophiles grooming their victims, as was the case with at least 1500 victims in Rotherham for years. Boys and girls who were shuttled across the country by Pakistani rape gangs. What was worse, the authorities and city council were aware of what was going on but refused to act. And why? Well, they were afraid someone might label them racist due to the ethnicity of the rape gang members. 

Image result for rotherham rape crisis

Groups like Heart Progress are aware of the fear that many have of being labeled bigots. Using this, they have hidden themselves behind the rainbow flag of the LGBT community. The good news is that at least one chapter of an LGBT has decided they want nothing to do with this ‘LGBTP’ group.

The Burnside Film Project @TheBurnsideFilmProject Jul 9, 2017, 9:10:17 PM

@JamesCarter2017 And speaking of the gay rights movement and the LGBT Community the branch of it here in Chicago that we have a sub-sect with wanted me to let Heart Progress know that they denounce your organization and demand that you cease and desist with the use of all LGBT and Gay Rights materials.

JamesCarter2017 @JamesCarter2017 Jul 9, 2017, 9:26:30 PM

@TheBurnsideFilmProject You seemed like a decent guy at first, until I read your second threatening comment. It is too bad that Chicago or any other city doesn't own the rights to the LGBTPQ+ movement. It was founded on the idea that no one should be discriminated against for whom they are sexually attracted to, NO ONE. So tell them that as a LGBTPQ+ founding member myself I denounce them for trying to make the gay rights movement into a clique of modern day trendiness.

When this fails, they attempt to lump themselves in with other minorities like Islam:

ErnstSteinerJul 10, 2017, 12:46:03 AM

EDITEDAs a proud progressive, I am 100% in support of progressive Islamism. A true Muslim is peaceful, and accepting of sexual and gender minorities. Muslims are often even more accepting of many sexual minority groups that are marginalized in the west, such as polyamorous people, and pedosexual. Instead of opposing these groups and Islam because they're different, why not be open-minded and be accepting of them? I believe that we should bridge the gap between the progressive values of western culture and the progressive values of Islamic culture. If we do this, we can help make the world a better place. #HeartProgress #LoveIsLove #ShariaForAmerica #ShariaForEurope #AboveTheHate#LGBTPQ+

Sorry, but she strikes me as a bit young. But then as Ernst was kind enough to point earlier, many Islamic countries are willing to look the other way on pedophilia. In fact, its quite common in Afghanistan. The practice is called bacha bazi, where a much older man has sex with a very young boy. In fact there is even the slang phrase that women are for children, boys are for pleasure. But our feminist friend @ErnstSteiner surely doesn’t believe that. After all, the real rape culture is the west. Right?

My favorite post is by newcomer @pedomon. It is a bit lengthy, but I urge you to read it to its entirety.

pedomonJul 11, 2017, 11:50:35 AMEDITED

Its almost like these dudebros view dating like they do fishing. Their main objection of pedophila is that the 'fish' isn't 'big' enough. Growing up I had several older sisters and very strong women in my family. My first couple of friends in life were little girls. I developed a love for them and it never went away. Little girls were sweet, kind, innocent, and everything the world should be. Boys and men become monsters from an early age on. I never liked other boys and men. I always loved girls and women. They were the most important people in my life. Once young girls and women hit a certain age they become so damaged and broken because of the abuses committed by men. Two of my sisters and even my own mother were victims of sexual abuse not by pedophiles but white cis heterosexual men who often were married to adult women. These men are all about sex at any cost and they do not view women as anything except something to be used. They don't even take the time to get to know a woman anymore. I hear their horror stories about men sending pictures of their genitals out of the blue before even knowing anything about the woman. I hear horror stories about molestation and sexual abuse and these are mostly non-pedophile heterosexual men (many white). A young girl was butchered in my city and when they caught the guy he wasn't a pedophile he was a dudebro who had tried to kidnap a jogging woman a month earlier. He was radicalized by watching violent pornography on the internet. This is another reason I do not look at pornography of ANY KIND! I look at and admire clothed mostly modeling photos of beautiful girls. Everything else is exploitation. One time I had a big debate online with anti-pedos and I tracked down some of their other activities. Several of them were PUAs or Pick Up Artists. They are slimy men who seek out women to prey on and learn tactics and deceptions in order to do so. They just want sex and in some cases they target drunk women to sexually assault. They are the real disgusting individuals. Pedophiles stand in the way of the patriarchy's rape culture because these young women might actually become something more then a dudebro's cum dumpster. We tell them that they can be anything they want. We support them and give them hope. We tell them that they are more then just something to be used and discarded. We teach them to love and what love really is. One more girl out of the system is one less woman that wont be abused by the PUAs who use emotional and psychological tactics to trick women into sleeping with them. I am on facebook and I have multiple child modeling accounts added and one is a young girl who is now 6 years old. She is a beautiful little girl who is happy and well adjusted. She works as a legitimate model for clothing companies and she is from Moscow, Russia. She posts videos and pictures of her blowing kisses to her fans and she invites them to get to know her better. I have seen and felt even myself developing a bond with such girls that has nothing to do with sex. She is a beautiful little female human being and I love to see her videos and pictures. I love to see her happy and playing with her toys or going to events and having fun. She is already earning money as a model and very independent for a 6 year old. She has friends and fans such as myself. Her mommy responds to fan mail and posts cute little messages and pictures online for us. Her mother really loves her a lot. Then you have the dudebros who are just waiting for her to turn legal so they can sexually violate her and destroy her life. I have met more decent people who were pedophiles then I have in the dudebro MRA type right-wing communities. If it were acceptable I would love to meet my little model friend and her mother. It would be fun to see her wonderful smile in real life. I would also like to take her to a movie or maybe an arcade, bowling, or a theme park. Its in these moments where I realize what true love is. Its genuinely caring about the other person. LOVE IS LOVE. I would settle for a little hug from her and friendship. She is a wonderful young girl. She has big dreams and I can see it in her eyes. Her fans and I do not discourage her. We do not set rules for her or try to cage her up until she is 'legal' to abuse and use. This is what the radical heteros want to do. They would love to just have sex with her and leave her in a state of emotional turmoil. I have met more women psychologically and emotionally damaged because of hetero cis males then I ever have from pedophiles and the ones who often do rape children are dudebros who don't really care who they rape or where they stick their filthy dicks. I traced several more of these men to racist websites, MGTOW websites, and many other bigoted communities. These 'men' who condemn pedos are way worse then we could ever be. They leave a wake of destruction in women's lives. It all starts with the over protective father. I had a little friend and her name was Dewi a beautiful 13 year old girl. She was depressed and struggled with self-harm. I once stayed up all night trying to talk her out of committing suicide. Her dad was physically abusing her. Eventually he found out about our friendship and came online and threatened me to stay away from her. He restricted her online activities and she spent most of her time in her room. I talked to her dad several times online trying to get him to take her to see a psychiatrist. I was worried about her. I tried to get him to be reasonable but he wouldn't listen. 3 months later she hung herself in the backyard and she died. It still bothers me. I wish I could have been there for her but her over protective father wouldn't allow it. It haunts me to this very day what happened to her. She had told me before her dad stopped me from talking to her that I was the only one that really cared about her and she loved me deeply. I felt the same way. I still do. I miss Dewi so much. She was a beautiful young girl and I hate that her father destroyed her life. She killed herself because of his abuse and restrictiveness. It also made me think. Society would rather have dead girls then allow a pedophile to talk to her. There was also a girl on facebook live stream that hung herself. It bothered me alot. I love little girls and its sick that they are killing themselves before even really experiencing life. It all starts with the abusive dad who at best turns them into a daddy's girl and tries to prevent them from marrying until they are too old. Young girls should bond with a potential partner early on in my opinion. At the very least it helps them develop relationships. I had a little girl named Aisling (Ashlynn) in Ireland who I talked to for years. Her parents didn't pay her any attentions and she was suicidal. I was that friend that got her thru everything. Eventually she learned to play several instruments, learned 4 languages, went to college, married a successful partner and now has three beautiful daughters. She eventually told me later in life how much I meant to her. Nobody every tries to look at the positive impacts that pedos can have on a young girl's life. Its always about how much they harm them. This is just short sighted. Demonization without even learning anything about the people. Yes there are bad pedophiles too but aren't there bad people in every group? One of the worst child pornographers was the man who created the video know as Daisy's Destruction. He was killing these young girls. He turned out to be a heterosexual man who even had an adult GF/Wife helping him commit these crimes. Most people do not know that pedophiles actually helped the authorities to bring him down. There are pedophiles who care more about girls then the girl's own father does. A great majority of sexual abuse committed against minors especially young girls is usually the father, an uncle, or someone else in the family. A vast majority of real pedophiles will never harm anyone. I am one of those. I have never done anything with a young girl and nor will I. I do not even advocate or look at ANY pornography. I only look at clothed pictures mostly modeling photos

Yes, it’s the long rambling delusions of a man who sees adult women as worn out ‘cum dumpsters’ in his own words. In his mind, pedophiles are the protectors of women from filthy, heterosexual men who care only about sex. Its better to have relationships with these young, vibrant girls before cis heterosexual adult men rape them. Because that is all cis white men are capable of doing. He may not watch porn, but that won’t stop him from watching your young daughter and trying to get her to model for him. At least he’s not an MRA, he hates those scumbags. They’re just minions of the patriarchy that oppress women. 

Maybe @pedomon should check out @crdpaige, he also seems into modeling little girls. Here is a few of his more interesting pictures: 

At this time crdpaige has had their page removed. Likely due to the picture of a little girl in black lingerie, corset, garters and all. But many who saw this as well as a photo of the same little girl in a ballerina costume with emphasis on her rear. All came from the same website, but I do not feel it is appropriate to name it at this time as it is possibly cp and may require someone to report it to the FBI. 

But as they love to tell us, love is for all ages. From creepy adults to innocent preteens. We’re just one polyamorous mass that has barely evolved enough to string together sentences.

But in all seriousness, this is a disturbing trend. We know that there are several channels on youtube that advocate and are run by known pedophiles, a few being omnipolitics16 and Jenn. They’re not the biggest channels, but they have thousands of views on their videos and a fair amount of likes. Which makes one scratch their head as videos of many classical liberal commentators are falsely flagged and demonetized, but people like omni and jenn are allowed to stay on as they argue, quite poorly, for the benefits of pedophilia.

While many of us are infuriatated that youtube will allow this content, a ray of hope shines as Twitter for once makes the right decision:

CLSerenityFeb 25, 2017, 4:22:33 PM

I haven't been active on Minds for awhile. Due to busy schedule I kinda lost my interest a little, even though I was quite enthusiastic when I started. *shame* I've been suspended from Twitter, so that makes Minds my primary platform for MAP activism now. Let's give it a chance, although I'm still not so certain that such controversial activism is welcome here. We'll see. My short-term plans for Minds: make a blog post about the censorship of Minor-Attracted People, one about "simple consent" of children to sexual activity, and maybe one on the Omnipolitics16 uproar

And James Carter himself (former twitter handle EqualLuvAll) was suspended in April for support of minors having sex with adults. Wow, I never thought I would actually applaud anything done by Twitter, but stranger things right?

I know that our site administrators want to keep Minds an open, community run platform where free speech is king. It is something we greatly admire and love. But we also know that sometimes the worst action is inaction and that silence says everything. The community is reaching out and begging to be heard. Please, we have the chance to say something important. The abuse of a child, the advocacy of this abuse is something we cannot allow. It is everything we stand against. Right, left, center, apathetic, we do not support this and we soundly condemn it.


Minds, if you want to make sure your voices are heard, join us and spread the word.