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Tim Draper's 'Tezos' ICO Scam Robs From The Poor And Gives To The Rich...

TruthMongerJul 5, 2017, 5:59:59 AM

How do you raise Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in cash from widows and retirees in just a few short days?  You get a scam artist like Tim Draper to promote an ICO for a company in a currently hot market like CryptoCurrency and start raking in the cash from unsuspecting victims by taking their money/BitCoins while burying, far in the NetherWorld of the InterNet, a vague 'disclaimer' that widows and retirees who are sending a portion of their lifesavings to you 'doesn't really count'...
It turns out that Tezos, which claims to be developing a 'democratic' blockchain offshoot which will bring 'peace and harmony' to CryptoCurrency, while 'empowering the little people' is just another ruse to siphon the funds you were trying to increase so that you could send even *more* money to your favorite charities supporting widows, orphans and veterans, into the coffers of the BigPlayers who want to buy a bigger and better yacht.
After the 'little people' have entrusted a significant portion of their meager savings to Scamster Tim Draper and Tezos they may, if they are lucky, manage to find the well-hidden webpage that tells them, "Fuck You, You Dumb A$$Hole"  you have given us your money in return for *NOTHING*!!!"
Translation:  Our slick lawyers have told us that we could legally *steal* your money by taking it under false pretenses  and providing some hard-to-find 'minimum contribution' disclaimer even though there was certainly no 'minimum contribution' requirement when we *stole* your money. 
Once you send these Scam Artists your BitCoin, it is *theirs*...  Their sleazy 'disclaimer' says that they will 'return' your stolen funds, after an unspecified period of time, but even if they do, the interest, alone, on hundreds of millions of dollars is more than enough to make their scam pay off handsomely. 
"The CyperPunks Are Rolling Over In Their Graves" ~Toto, Chief CypherPunks SpokesPerson