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Martin Luther King Jr. FBI Conspiracy

VonYugenJun 24, 2017, 2:40:13 AM

Martin Luther King Jr. and the FBI connection



Martin Luther King Jr.

The FBI sent MLK Jr. a letter trying to convince him to commit suicide


    Why would the US government want Martin Luther King Jr. to commit suicide, and why would they be so vocal about it as to write him a letter, and was this the only effort the FBI put into ending his life or did they continue?

   On Dec. 8, 1999 after 70 witnesses came forward in a Memphis Tennessee court with irrefutable and overwhelming evidence, twelve jurors unanimously found the US government guilty of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. in a conspiracy involving high level officials in not just federal agencies ,but state and local agencies as well, who all worked in conjunction with the mafia to carry out this assassination. There was also purportedly overwhelming evidence showing that James Earl Ray was not the shooter but rather set up to take the blame for it.

Court transcripts found here.

Transcript of King Family Press Conference on the Verdict.


   Operation COINTELPRO which is just an acronym for a Counter Intelligence Program under the direction of FBI director J Edgar Hoover set out to infiltrate, discredit, and destroy activist leaders and groups who were seeking equal rights for women, blacks, minorities including American Indians, and anybody who protests war, targeting any left groups as being seen as enemies ,thus they need to be destroyed.

    They used tactics that were more times then not illegal, unethical, or down right brutal, but justifiable in their eyes as superiors. Superior in race, in gender, in intelligence, but clearly they knew deep down this was really not true as fear of losing the status and power over came them to go so far as this to eliminate any possible threats of losing their social position by organizing such an elaborate plan, which was eventually discovered in 1971 by some activists who ended up stealing (by using a crowbar) the documents from the FBI proving this reality. View video here.

   It is not difficult to see the connection between these conspiracies, but how far does it go. Does it just stop when its revealed, or do they learn from their mistakes and find ways of burying their secrets? In recent months many hackers have demonstrated their ability to hack into websites, emails of prominent officials, the pentagon, even the whitehouse. These hackers have made threats to these wealthy and prominent individuals to fess up…or they will do it for them. Its interesting to note that these conspiracies run deep and could bring down a lot of people whom we all thought were pinnacles of society. The hackers are not asking for money, they are only asking for the truth. All we can do is wait and see what happens.