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Worlds, with words

SyeedAliJul 29, 2018, 8:53:22 AM

UPDATE:  Efforts are on hold while I re-launch.


I write without planning or ideas and then narrate. It's practice, like a kata for stories. Other people can draw, but ..

I write single-pass with pen-and-paper and do no further editing. No, really. What I end up with is what I can best describe as world-building shorts.

I want to share, and so I'm learning to narrate them. There's one I'm especially proud of that I'd like you to listen to, called Sekhmet.

It's rough in places, because there was no planning or editing, but I really like where it went. If you like it too, then please take a moment to write a comment. Encouragement is the most valuable thing a person can get.

What I've doodled has come out as anything from romance to horror but mainly science fiction. Here is some variety:





I've narrated many pieces, and I have even more I'm working on. You can listen for free, and without signing up, on Vimeo. Check them out, and if you love what I do, tell a friend!