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Bilderbergs.......This is their PLANS for YOU....what are YOUR plans for them.....?

AshbyJun 22, 2017, 8:17:56 PM

The Bilderberg Society is one facet of the New World Order’s control mechanisms. In 2007 a Swiss study at the Federal Institute of Technology determined that 20% of all international trade was controlled by 147 corporations. These companies share Board of Director members. They include the Too Big To Jail Banks, the top insurance companies, the Major Oil firms, the High Tech companies related to NSA spying, Monsanto, Arms suppliers and other criminal organizations.

These 147 corporations are the driving force behind the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP.) Collectively, they are undoing sovereignty and reducing citizens to peonage.

David Rothkopf was a former CEO of Kissinger Associates. He is currently the CEO of Foreign Policy magazine. In 2008 he wrote the book Superclass in which he says the West is run by Thirty Families and their 6,000 Minions.

The first Bilderberg Society meeting was held in 1954. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and David Rockefeller were co-founders. They are prominent members of Rothfopf’s Thirty Ruling Families. The Rockefeller and Rothschild families worked together with J P Morgan and the Warburgs to write the Federal Reserve Act and to make WW I last a really long time.

Willy Claes, a former NATO Secretary-General, said in 2010 that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement policy decisions that are formulated during the meeting.

On the other hand there is the Bilderberg Steering Committee. They invite lower level participants and set the agenda that everyone discusses until they reach agreement. As Claes said, the members are obligated to carry out their agenda in their respective countries.

Richard Perle is a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee. He was Chairman of the Defense Policy Board under Bush from 2001-2003. Perle is also a member of the now infamous Project for a New American Century (PNAC). In 1996 Perle, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser authored A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm for Prime Minister Netanyahu. Perle has dual US-Israeli citizenship.

It was in A Clean Break that Bilderberger Perle recommended three policies that have dominated American foreign and military policies ever since.

1) Invade Iraq to do regime change because Iraq was defending Palestinians. The issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction was a fake one based on false intel being channeled to the White House from Israel through the Office of Special Plans at the DOD. The OSP was headed by PNAC member Douglas Feith who was a co-author of A Clean Break. Feith was appointed to the post by fellow PNAC member Paul Wolfowitz.

2) A Clean Break also recommended Syria should be attacked by proxy armies over the issue of chemical weapons. The Obama administration used proxy armies to first destroy Libya and then to attack Syria. These latter proxy armies included Al Qaeda and ISIS. The Obama admin made several false allegations that the Syrian regime using chemical weapons. All these incidents were traced to Obama’s mercenary Jihadists. His proxy armies have killed 300,000 Syrians including 100,000 Christians. In 2015 the US is still air dropping supplies to ISIS in Iraq. And recently the US bombed Iraqi troops in their battle against ISIS for Tikrit.

3) General Wesley Clark said that the Department of Defense was given a list of 7 nations to invade and take down. That list included Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon and Iran. The War on Terror is in reality a terrorist war waged by the United States against the neighbors of Israel who objected to the Zionist state’s appalling treatment of Palestinians. Israel claims all the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates. Too bad that 300 million Muslims and Christians are living on land claimed by Israel. American taxpayers do not realize how expensive it will be in terms of their dollars and their lives to evict that many people from their homes.

Richard Perle is just one member of the Bilderberg Society. Others include the CEOs of High Tech firms closely linked to the NSA spying scandal. The Banks, Big Oil and Insurance companies are well represented.

Recently, Bankers made the suggestion to the Greeks that they could easily make their debt payments if they would simply stop paying Greek workers and pensioners for just two months and send all that money to the Banks. Europeans have had more experience with Austerity budgets than have Americans. That is because Americans have had the ability to print a currency that has until recently been accepted as gold in the settlement of international payments.

Last week Max Keiser said that the US will do what it did back in the 1930s to get out of the Great Depression which is to devalue the dollar. He predicted that the US will let the price of gold go to $5,000 or $6,000 an ounce within a year. I had previously written that China has applied for its yuan to become the fifth currency in the IMF’s basket of four in the SDR. The SDR currently includes the dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen. To join the SDR China would have to allow foreign observers to view and certify its gold holdings which are rumored to be at least 5,000 tons and possibly more than 10,000 tons.

The US has made pro forma statements saying that China ought to be turned down by the IMF as they were in 2010. But I do not think they are seriously opposed to devaluing the dollar. They mistakenly think as most NeoLiberal economists do that cutting the value of the dollar by 30% will enable America to export more. More what? The world objects to GMO foods. And the US military weapons we export do not work that well and are heavily subsidized. Who would want a $110 million F-35 without subsidies? It does not work. As for missiles, Russia’s are much faster.

So what happens if those defense subsidies and a lot of human benefits were yanked out of the market when interest rates soared sending the deficit through the roof? 5% interest on a $20 trillion debt is one trillion dollars a year. 20% interest on a $40 trillion debt is $4 trillion. Notice the exponential growth in interest payments crushing all else.

A $4 trillion interest bill is more than the revenue of the US. We could cancel everything from the military to Food Stamps to Healthcare to Social Security and still not have enough money. Clearly, we need another solution. I suggest Debt Cancellation.

Hint: It is possible to issue a currency that is Debt Free and does not bear interest so the above never happens to you. Past examples of Debt Free currencies were President Lincoln’s Greenbacks and the Bradbury pound in Great Britain in 1940.

What economists forget is that America’s post WW II prosperity was based on the destruction of the manufacturing base of Germany and Japan. We did get enough post-War GDP growth to make government debts more manageable. But we are reversing that process today while doubling our population. NAFTA sent 12 million jobs overseas and closed 57,000 manufacturing plants. Americans could cut wages 50% and still not export enough to balance our trade.

A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. There are only 3 ways out of a Depression. America used the first two (foreclosures and currency devaluation) in the 1930s with disastrous results. 3 million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression.

In 1933 President Roosevelt raised the price of gold 75% from $20 to $35 an ounce. That did nothing for the economy but it did enrich his campaign donors who shipped US gold coins to Europe before he took office.

Also in 1933 there were huge numbers of bankruptcies and foreclosures. Thanks to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Warburgs we have a Debt Based currency. Bankers have the right to charge us interest on money they create out of nothing whether that be paper money issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve or by checking account money created through a loan at a commercial bank.

What people do not realize is that paying off a loan to a bank reduces currency in circulation. During a Depression Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse when millions of people declare bankruptcy. That reduction in the Money Supply is what kills the economy. There is not enough circulating money to make normal commerce work. Greed and ignorance can make this situation drag on for ten years while millions starve for a lack of credit.

One basic function of a government is to provide a currency that circulates sufficiently enough to make the wheels of commerce turn. Of course I would prefer that this currency be issued by the government freely without interest rather than by the Bankers with interest.

Another means of cancelling Unpayable Debts is Hyperinflation which was tried by the Weimar Republic in 1923. Not very good results there either. The idea was that Hyperinflating a currency eventually makes the national debt appear to be smaller.

The US has not yet experienced Hyperinflation. The US in the past has survived bursts of inflation in the 15 to 20% range. At 25% foreign governments and investors would have to dump dollars. I therefore concluded Hyperinflation could not get a grip here until prices rose 25% a year. The dollar has to be devalued before that happens.

Prices are set by Money Supply and Velocity. The latter is how often money turns over. America has been running its Money printing presses at full speed for decades. When the Chinese yuan becomes the fifth currency in the IMF SDR basket, the dollar will be devalued which will boost prices overnight. And that dumping of dollars will double Velocity sending prices soaring so high that most Americans will be destitute.

Hint: Raising prices will dramatically increase the cost of imports and raise the cost of production. It will not really make America more competitive. It will make American workers and pensioners poorer. Perhaps we ought to forget academic economists and listen to people who actually make things people want to buy.

Hint: The elite of Wall Street and the City of London are probably already war gaming the collapse of the dollar. September has been suggested by the Mossad. If we let the Bankers do a Global Currency Reset with us on the sidelines, I can guarantee you will not like the results.

The Third Way out of a Depression is Debt Cancellation. Thousands of years ago Babylonians periodically cancelled debts by decree from the king. The Bible writers copied the Babylonian idea of Debt Cancellation and called it the Jubilee. The debt is supposed to be cancelled in September of 2015 according to the Hebrew calendar. Which is yet to be seen!!!!