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Unpermitted Thoughts

ThePermissiveJun 22, 2017, 9:52:20 AM

Why Spaceships Will Have Crucifixes

(Alternative Title: Good News if Feminists Annoy You)

If I described a future where Human Legions of Christians and Mormons conquered the stars for the glory of Jesus and Joseph Smith – would you believe me?


 Probably not. You have been conditioned to think of Secularism as “Progressive”, as “the Future”.


 What if I told you this future was not only probable, but obvious?


 If I told you we were undergoing a Darwinian event of massive proportions.  A Genocide of people with certain attitudes and beliefs that you observe, accept and may even applaud.


 Would you believe me?  How would you feel?  If I described who was being Genocided – would you even care?


The Geneva Convention against Genocide list several “Punishable Acts”.  We will concern ourselves with two of these Punishable Acts today.


The first Act we will consider is written thus: “Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to destroy a group”


The second Act we will consider is written: “Prevention of births”


I argue that both are happening presently and on a vast scale to a group never targeted before, and that Modernity is the culprit and God is the cure.


 Since I have launched such a condemnation of Modernity let me describe what I mean by a Traditionalist in 2017.


 In 2017 a Traditionalist is someone like a Mormon or a Dutch Calvinist where the men have modern jobs in finance, business, etc. and come home to a semi-communal religious lifestyle with a stay at home wife with five or more children.  These people spend most of their leisure time with their faith community.


 The woman in these communities gain their social status through their piety, their husband’s status, number of children and behavior of their children.  Traditional women do not pursue individual accomplishment.


Modernity has come along with office jobs and specialization of labor and women have many chances for accomplishments of their own. This is appealing to many women and since more available labor drives down the cost of labor Capitalism supports working women. Our society is tailored to them and the traditional stay at home mom is belittled.


In Germany 40% of university educated women have no children and the rest of the university educated have one or two mainly.  This is similar across the west, China, Japan, Korea, all advanced economies.


These are the “Punishable Acts” of Genocide Modernity has performed.  It has created an anti-child culture that has robbed society of the focus on children.  This has prevented the births of the cross section of women who wanted individual accomplishment.


 It is said he who laughs last laughs best.


 The Traditional woman has a God.  Her God has promised her eternal life. Her God has delivered on His Promise by keeping Her focus on Him while a tsunami of Modernity told her to focus on herself.  She has children and will pass her skin color, her I.Q., and her attitudes to her children. Her God will see his cross planted where alien suns shine.


 You have twice as many female ancestors as males since historically over 90% of females have offspring while less than 50% of males do.  When the genetic record of Modernity is written it will show a post 1950 female rate of reproduction falling to 60% from a norm of 90%.  This is an unprecedented die off of maternal DNA.


 When geneticists study the record they will identify the groups of genes that were eliminated from the gene pool.  Whether they call it the Secular Gene, the Feminist Gene, or the Progressive Gene they will identify the genetic similarities among women who chose to live as men and chronicle their massive die off. 


 So, if Secularists, Feminists, or Progressives bother you fear not – they will not bother your great-grandchildren.  They will have auto-genocided themselves. "Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad."  The madness of Modernity has gripped many women and destroyed them


 Now to the spaceships.  The only groups of women having consistently large families are Mormons, Calvinists, and some Chinese Catholics.  These women are conquering the world with their womb with their populations tripling every generation.  They have modern living standards. The future belongs to them.


 The descendants of those who survived the great Feminist Gene die off during the end of the second millennium will staff the spaceships.  They will be traditional and God fearing because the genes for secularism will be gone.  They will have crucifixes above the doors of their spaceship quarters.


 I think the joke Modernity played on its followers is history’s greatest irony.  Progress meant the elimination of the Progressives.


It might be for the best.  Star Trek with its philosophy of the Prime Directive and its non-interference was only exciting when they broke the Prime Directive and interfered.  Instead of trade deals and ambassadors our space armadas will bring the Word of God to the alien. 


Humans crusading across the cosmos finding aliens to baptize with Christ’s love seems like the stuff of drama and entertainment fit for the Gods.  Much better than spreading some entitled version of "equality and tolerance".  They will study the madness of the late second millennium in history and laugh at those who were so easily led astray from God. Those who are just a memory, a joke of history.


 They will have the last laugh.