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The failure of Religion and Philosophy.

DreamEaterJun 20, 2017, 11:30:31 PM

When the word consciousness is used, it is not possible for one person to convey to another exactly what he 'inwardly' experiences as consciousness. Each must realize for himself what such a word means in his own experience. One cannot give another consciousness. One person cannot tell another what consciousness is because of the limitations of the spoken and written word. The impossibility arises from the fact that, in order to describe an abstract experience, abstract words have to be used. 


And how could it be possible to define the abstract words needed in order to define the abstract? Consciousness cannot be defined nor described because it does not have the properties and limitations of a sensorily perceived object.


It is not possible to describe what consciousness is. All confusion in philosophy and Religion seems to be due to one adopting the interpretation of another, or rejecting the interpretation of another, FORGETTING, that experience of the indefinable and indescribable cannot be conveyed by the spoken and written word.


The purpose of Religion and Philosophy is not to persuade or manipulate one to believe in another's interpretation and assertion, but to guide each one to observe and interpret his own experience, to liberate him, in fact, from the interpretation of others. Their purpose is not to plan or instill belief's, but to liberate from false belief.


Th failure of religion and philosophy is that they become a substitute, deflecting a man from his responsibility, responsibility here meaning the ability to respond, the ability to observe and answer to his own EXPERIENCE.    


It is possible for a man to say; 


"I believe in God" but only he can know what he means by the statement , He certainly cannot tell another what it means to him as an experience. 


If someone asks "Do you believe in God" the appropriate answer must be: First you tell me what you mean by God. And if one asks another to believe in his interpretation or assertion of the indescribable and indefinable, he asks the IMPOSSIBLE!


Particular speaks to particular, a part to a part, the individual, that which cannot be divided, cannot speak to another because He is One and Alone.


Can one person do another's dying for him? It is not possible for 'me' to convince 'you' that 'you' do not die, but it is possible for a man to convince himself and to understand that He does not die.