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Battle Specter Minds: Are we done yet?

BattleSpecterJun 16, 2017, 2:12:43 PM

The original is posted on my blog, battlepsecter.com/blog.

I don't want to use this platform to castigate the media. I also don't want to use this platform to talk about "radical" Islam or the idiocies that are quickly becoming the norm. This was not what I started this blog for. I started this blog to tell stories, do reviews, promote my business. My own life's events, and the events from around the world seem to be conspiring against me to prevent this. I apologize profusely for this, but then- I don't. I have stuff to say, and not the time to put it into story form. So please excuse the frequency of these posts. I PROMISE that I'll have a cool story up soon(ish).

Now, moving along...

This week saw something occur that isn't something we associate with our country. That is, there was an attempted political assassination. I'm not sure what the fallout would have been had the assassin managed to kill a large number of the Republican representatives at that charity softball practice, but suffice to say, there would have been some fallout. Perhaps, one or two would have been replaced by Democrat senators. Maybe enough to alter the majority out of the Republican favor. Maybe not- I'm not sure. What I do know is that we, as a people, are losing our way. We have forgotten what our nation is, and what is and should be the acceptable norm. We've forgotten the basics of being citizens in a Republic- a representative democracy.

I'm sure some of you have seen the news surrounding Evergreen, or the debate around LGBTQPTISMIRNT+ issues, or the politically correct censorship that seems to becoming more and more prevalent within our society. Everything is the fault of white patriarchy. Cops kill black people because racism, and Islamophobia is an actual thing (supposedly) that we ALL must stop. The issue with all this is that very few people actually decide what the terms even mean, and then these same people throw the terms around without regard for who they hurt, or what the outcomes of such speak are. But out of all these issues, the ones that I take greatest issue with are 1) censorship of ideas, thoughts, and words and 2) blaming a single demographic for all the woes of the world.

The first issue I believe is the most egregious and nefarious of all the woes that our nation is dealing with. Whether the ones doing the censoring are on the right, on the left, or in the middle, it is wrong to shame someone for speaking about an issue. Our Republic will not survive such censorship, and our founding fathers knew it. It's why we have the FIRST amendment to the constitution. Those who cannot voice their opinions, or raise concerns, or petition for a redress of grievances are not free. Freedom of the press and expression are perhaps the most important rights that we possess and for anyone, for any reason to silence another because they are "racist" or "<insert silly thing here> phobic" is absolute- and please pardon the language- BULLSHIT.

We cannot tackle the issues that we face if incidents like those at UC Berkley, Evergreen, and D.C. are to become the norm. When political leaders are unable to do their job without fear of being gunned down by opposition radicals, we have a serious problem. The basics of this is letting others speak their minds, and engaging them on their ideas. Maybe they know something you don't- maybe you know something they don't. Either way, censoring anyone- even a full blooded Nazi or ISIS militant is counter productive and directly endangers our Republic and all that it stands for. And if you think I am some radical Nazi apologist, I'll just tell you directly that I'd rather know WHO the enemy is, than have them hiding their true colors because some sensitive crybaby is forcing them to shut up.

As to the second issue, blaming one demographic for all the woes of the nation- let's be real.Having marches decrying certain groups based on occupation or the color of their skin doesn't help the situation- especially when statistics aren't on your side. Currently within media it's ok to rag on white people and blame all gun owners for promoting the violence of one radical person with a gun, yet it's heresy to try and argue that maybe Islam has a proble when over 99% of all terrorist attacks occurring around the world are driven by radical Islam or that maybe the black community has a problem when they are committing a disproportionate amount of crime. It's far easier to just blame the west on Islam's problems, or claim institutional oppression to explain why there is a such a large percentage of one demographic getting incarcerated.

This thought pattern led to The Don getting elected. We're all at fault in one way or another. Hard core Leftists blamed white patriarchy so damned hard for so damned long that now there is a toupe wearing simpleton running the show. Yes, you are partly to blame, just like all the people you aggravated who pushed back are to blame for casting their votes. You had your eight year swing- there was a revolution, your pantsuit in chief lost, and now The Don is, well, the Don. You have to deal with him for at least four years. But, I'm sure you'll deadlock things again, stop him from doing anything without executive orders- complain about his abusing executive power (not that B.O. didn't...) and then maybe get your own moron in chief into office.

And therein lies the beauty of our system. Other countries get to have a full blown civil war where people die in the thousands- look at Syria. Our nation has a revolution every four years, and that revolution is built on the premise that there are basic things that each citizen can and should do. Follow the laws, respect one another, and be open to discourse. The first amendment isn't just the first one because reasons- it's the first because it is the most important. Should the first fall apart, or be cast aside to assuage the passions of a select minority, then the second comes forward to act as a check (that's a whole different post). For our nation to work, for the basics of our nation to survive, we have to be willing to accept that people with differing views- views we may find offensive and dangerous- must be allowed to voice those opinions. Their ideas must be allowed to rise or fall based on their merit, not because they are politically correct or acceptable. Bad ideas will die, good ideas will rise. We need to be open to the process.

What we cannot have is a default toward violence and assassination and censorship. What we can't have is anything even remotely resembling "wrong speak." What we can't have is a society that actively and militantly forces their opinions on others, or silences opinions they don't agree with (Antifa, Berkley, Evergreen, asshat with a gun trying to assassinate senators- I'm looking at you...). This kind of censorship and hard line discourse will lead to more of the same. If your opponent is attempting to have a conversation, and you punch them in the face- what other options do they have other than to punch back? Whether you are on the right side of the fence, or the left, or just straddling it trying not to get electrocuted, violence will beget violence. If you initiate the violence, then your opponent now has not only sympathy on their side, but also the moral right to respond in kind. If you shove- expect to get shoved back.

Our country was built on the premise that each person was important, and that each person had the God given right to worship as they wished, speak their minds, and defend themselves as needed. Each person in our country is free to pursue their dreams without check so long as they don't harm others. When you suppress ideas, prevent others from expressing themselves, or enact violence on others based solely on their political affiliations, you stand in defiance of what this country stands for. You stand against freedom and liberty- not for. And if that is where you want to go, if that is your end state, remember that there are literally millions of free men and women who will oppose you. Violence isn't the way to be heard- it's a way to get yourself harmed or worse. Violence isn't the answer to our problems- but if you keep pushing, it just might roll that way.