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Totally Dot Me: Awesome Social Media Aggregation Tool

PeterEganJun 10, 2017, 2:36:04 AM

Totally Dot Me: Awesome Social Media Aggregation Tool

Update: As of now Totally dot me and hashtagsear.ch redirect to socialsear.ch. I think this is a horrible idea and would have structured the business plan differently such that all three sites would be profitable, with Totally Me the focal point.

Unfortunately, the execs at Totally Dot are much better web designers than they are marketers, which is my suspicion as to why two of the three sites failed.

Totally dot me lets you combine all your social accounts into a single page, where they are pulled from each respective platform and displayed in the order in which they are posted.

If you have multiple social accounts on a given platform, you can add as many or as few as you like.

Here is a link to my Kinja blog, to give you an example of  what it looks like when all your social posts (or whatever social users or feeds you follow) are combined in a single place.

A company called RebelMouse attempted something similar a few years ago but Totally Me has far superior coding, allowing posts to be indexed and thus allowing individual profiles to appear in search results. RebelMouse's attempt at this service for all intents and purposes couldn't be read by search engines.

One pretty significant difference between Totally.me and RebelMouse is that users can comment on Totally.me posts using the Facebook comments software. So your twitter post can spark a conversation on a completely different site where it was posted automatically.

Another difference between the two sites pertains to hashtags. As of now Totally.me links each hashtag in your social posts to a hashtag page for that term on the sites socialsear.ch and hashtagsear.ch. RebelMouse linked all contents of a given social post back to the original post on the social platform upon which it was posted

I admiddtedly don't know or understand the vision behind the owners and developers creating all three sites, two of which have very similar if not identical functionality, but whatever it is I like it.

Another great thing about Totally Dot Me is that links included in social posts can be followed by search engines from Totally Dot Me pages, enabling a blogger or web publisher to get a page quickly indexed just by tweeting a link to it, or including a link in the description of a Pin or Facebook post.

I don't work for Totally Dot Me, am not being paid by them,  but their service is by far the best social aggregation tool I've ever seen, and I think they deserve whatever publicity I can bring to them.

Try it out. It's a luxury to be able to see all your social activity and whatever other accounts you follow or wish to add, at least that's my opinion. I really like this company and am really pulling for them to succeed.

I've written about them in the past and gone into greater detail about their affiliated sites, socialsearch and hashtagsearch. Whereas you have to sign up for Totally Dot Me and create your profile, edit your settings, et cetera, your posts can appear in socialsarch and hashtagsearch just by using hashtags in your social posts. I don't know if this applies only to Totally Dot Me members or everyone who posts to one of the major sociall platforms. Maybe someone from Totally Dot can comment and clarify the answer to this question. I'll ask on Twitter. Hopefully someone will respond.

SocialSearch Screenshot:

If you care to read up on them, they can be found here: