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Don't let things consume your mind. Know when to retract.

DreamEaterJun 5, 2017, 10:03:54 PM

Once attention is given and taken there are two possibilities, dependent on the power of the person. If the person is weak, involvement will be automatic and will be such that the object will absorb consciousness so that consciousness of being is lost. Without control over loss of being, it is as if the man is continually asleep, rarely aware of himself as the organs of mind are pulled to and throw by succeeding desires and imaginings. If the person is strong, involvement will be controlled

. Either attention will be withdrawn if the continuation of attention seems inappropriate, or attention will be permitted to continue to meet the need of the situation. When the need has been met, attention is withdrawn and the restful state of consciousness being retrieved.This is the service that is perfect freedom because there is no frustrating bondage of "me" requiring a result of oneself.In the undisturbed state, when attention rests, as, for example, on a natural beauty the mind is filled with awe and wonder.