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Your ancestors knew better!

DreamEaterJun 1, 2017, 11:25:42 PM

Drugs get demonized as a crutch for the weak. Looked down upon as an escape for those that can't handle reality. Even the very name has a bad condonation and that is a damn shame.

Psychedelics are tools. Of course they can be misused like any other tool but they can also be used properly and to wonderful benefit.Everyone thinks they're doing it "the right way" if they don't use drugs. Everyone thinks it shows more strength to not use drugs.But do you consider yourself weak for using a car to go places instead of jogging? Do you tell people "No thanks", I don't need to use an airplane, I'm going to swim to the other side of the world, No. Of course not.

Psychedelics are a tool to help you on your mental and spiritual journey, just like vehicles help you on your physical journeysUndo the brainwashing the mainstream has done on you to trick you into believing that psychedelics are bad. Your ancestors knew better.