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Who was Seth Rich?

Seth Conrad Rich[8], grew up in a Jewish family, in Omaha Nebraska, with his brother Aaron Rich, and his parents Joel, and Mary Rich. His parents reportedly held sales jobs. His family didn't have much involvement in politics. [2]


Seth attended Central High School [3], and enjoyed debate.[2] During his time in high school he was getting involved in politics, and was a member of the Student Democrats [4]. After graduating high school, he then went to Creighton University,[2][3][8] a Jesuit college, where he studied political science.[2][3] “He'd sometimes call himself a Jew with Jesuit values,” his father said.[2] In 2011 he earned his B.A. in political science. [4]


During this time he was already working under Democrat Ben Nelson as an intern at his office – a job he earned as a Junior in High School, when worked for the Ben Nelson Senate campaign. Ben Nelson was a mentor to him.[5]


In 2012[16] he landed a job in Washington DC, at the polling and strategy firm, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.[2][5] Seth Rich was mainly a programmer, and sorted through data that was gathered in surveys. [2]


It was during this time that he had met his girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka. Kelsey has grown up in Michigan then moved to Washington, where she also started working at Greenberg and started dating Seth. His parents met her when Seth went down to Nebraska to a wedding, the summer before Rich died. She was described as quiet, while Seth was a talker, and both seemed fit well together.[5]


Andrew Therriault, a PhD data scientists, had become a mentor to Seth when they both worked at Greenberg. Andrew pointed out that out that “Seth was not a technical whiz, but “wanted to learn more from a technical standpoint. But that wasn’t his background.”. Andrew later helped Seth get a job at the DNC. [2]


Seth became a voter expansion data director at the DNC. He was working on an application to help voters locate polling stations.[4][5] He would also have his father try out new software he was developing.[5]


Seth had gathered valuable experience after having worked on a Senate campaign, and working at the DNC in 2014 for the House campaigns. But his dream was working on a Presidential campaign. [5][8] Then he was invited into the Clinton Campaign...


Seth, now 27, had been ASKED, to join the Clinton Campaign, 4 days before he was killed.[5] After finding out that they wanted him, he was also excited that he might be moving up to Brooklyn through the election. [5]


Seth is described by his father as being very close to his family, especially to his brother Aaron who lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Molly. He was apparently planning a huge family reunion before he died. [5]


A lot of friends of him and his brother also visited his funeral, some driving from Denver. 'He was a pretty straightforward kid, not out all night,' Joel said. 'If he was going to be some place, at his friend's house, he would make sure to call to let us know so we wouldn't worry. We had no concerns about Seth.' [5]



July 10th, 2016

It was 4:19 AM, on Sunday July 10th, of 2016. A mid summer night in Washington DC, with the temperature already dropping into the low 70's.[1] It was only 1.8 miles from the place where he had spent his last Saturday night, Lou's City Bar, that his wounded body had been found lying on a sidewalk.[2] Two shot wounds to the back.[1][2][3][4][8][15] The murder has remained unsolved since then, with little to no progress. [2]


There's many mysteries surrounding this night. The 1.8 mile walk from the bar to his house should have taken the usual 40 or so minutes. However, that night it took him 2 hours with 40 minutes.[1][2]


He also made multiple calls as he walked home. Two of those calls were made to his parents at around 1:30am.[2][5].


There's conflicting testimony on what he did during that time – his girlfriend does not deny that they were on the phone for around 2 hours.[2] However other people claim that he was at a bar with them.[4][5]Yet his girlfriend's telling of the night – through Rich's parents – has Rich only walking home.[2] His parents had to be told through someone else, that he was at a bar.[5]


There were surveillance cameras in the area, and the police have denied access to them. However Seth's family seems to have been told of what is in the videos, and not actually shown them. They were told that there were 2 killers,[2][3] and that at least one of them had their clothes tor n, from a scuffle between Seth and the killers.[5]


Seth's body was also bruised, [2][5][8][13][15] which further proves there was a scuffle.


In recent years, Bloomingdale neighborhood[1][2][3] residents had been complaining of a surge in crime. [1][5] This rise in crime seems to have come as security had deteriorated over the past 2 years (from 2016). This was related to the construction project of a massive DC water tunnel – literally steps from where Seth was shot. The street was occluded thanks to the high fences that surrounded it. As one resident wrote – there were hiding places for criminals and [no] sight lines for neighbors,”[1]


However in Seth's case, nothing was stolen, and even the police reported this as “a botched robbery”. [2][4][5][8][13][15]


In the words of police chief Cathy Lanier, “right now, we have more questions than answers”.[1]


(Joel) He said: 'Fourth of July was a time he always liked and he started outfitting himself completely in a US flag. 'If there was something significant when he was proud of America, he wore his flag outfit. [5] He also had an American flag hanging over his bed. [2]




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