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MG-Log #5 back to the basics (Sequels, remakes, and flashbacks)

MindsGaming Community May 13, 2017, 1:29:56 AM

 We talk about the gaming and movie industry & how remakes and flashbacks are destroying creativity of the next generation, and what we can do. More and more these days we see remakes of old movies or games, and mass amounts of sequels and “flashbacks” and sometime its not a bad thing, but at the rate of this epidemic we must wonder what happened and what we can change or go back to, to bring new ideas, movies, and games to the next generation.



First we must ask when did the epidemic start and why, and the reason for lack of advancements in any area of the real world falls to education, so where are we lacking? Arts of course has been lacking inside the US for a while now and more cuts to arts within just the last few years.



 Yes I think creativity is a learned aspect, and imagination is closely linked to your creativity. For example many kids run around as dinosaurs, or maybe a wizard. Something they have seen or heard, an experience that they have interest in maybe from a show or book. This is learned creativity, that trains your imagination to expand into new realms (As these things are not physically here and available to us we must put the data somewhere)



As we grow older we use these same basis to expand our creativity and imagination, but with the lack of learning that is applied to the skill we must go off the same old idea’s and evolve on them, and now we see the remakes (The same thing just in my eyes). Remakes are not a bad thing to do, they are a great way to learn and expand your creativity, but we are in the point of history that “idea” people in the industry’s are making remakes of remakes.

Moving on to flashbacks, these are great to bring back in information that may have been forgotten by watchers, a lot of TV shows and game sequels use flashbacks before the show/show, showing uses the main aspects of the last game or show.

I think some shows have gotten bad, but the best example here is gaming where you play what seems to be the same mission, again as a flashback. Some games do this several times throughout the game and gamers should know the ones but lets not name, names. So again creators flashbacks are great for information not for content, stop using them as content.

Moving to the next Sequel, no really these are great. Sequels mean a new storyline be it for a game or movie a new storyline is what we want, but yet again we run into the issue of lack creativity, becoming more of a flashback mix then a new storyline all together. Unfortunately the only way stop this is to let the Sequel die just stop playing it or watching it, don’t buy into it… you will feel better and force them to bring new things (If they can)


What can we do?

The most important part of this is not ragging on the industry's for not bring us new innovative games and movies. Its what we can do about it, and that to form and focus on the next generations imagination & creativity. It seems that Art’s & reading is the key, we must expand on this with our children in a fun way, read about magical places and adventures, paint with them, and keep doing it throughout the years.

Give new ideas a chance, download that unknown game , look at some independent movies, and read some author you never heard of, grow your imagination, grow the futures. Old ideas do help build and create new ideas, but just because I paint my house does not make it a new house. Build the imagination, build the future.



 Games & Ratings. (10 scale)

Grand Theft Auto V (6.8)

Mafia III (3.6)