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Minds is Kindling the Fire of Ideas

The American KnightApr 28, 2017, 11:43:41 PM

Facebook has been living off narcissism. It is a “me” culture.

As other people have poignantly pointed out, Facebook has done so much to bring people together but at the same time makes people feel isolated, lonely, and worthless.  

It is one of the many places that allows, and in many ways encourages, people to exaggerate, mislead, and lie about their lives to appear better. All the attention is on the self…looking good, feeling good, and most, importantly, making others know it.

Minds is different.

What I have seen in the months that I’ve been here are many people with desires to learn and yearning to speak their piece.   

I don’t believe culture is a steady state of affairs. One generation may value one thing, but the next generation may value something else. There is an ebb and flow, and right now we are in the beginning of another movement.

There is a cultural shift happening and we are swinging back towards reason and once again putting an emphasis on ideas and discussion…an emphasis on “us” not “me.”  

There is a hunger in the world. Its people are starving for ideas. They want truth.

The scary part? Minds has changed me. I don’t watch MSM, haven’t watched a movie in months (which has never happened before) and I totally forgot about the NFL draft (and I LOVE American football). 

The scariest part? I’ve been openly supporting Trump and bashing Obama in the heart of a liberal college campus where I know everyone voted for Hillary…and I don’t even like Trump all that much. Yet here I am pointing out glaringly obvious problems and truths. The cool part? People listened.

They want truth.


The exodus is soon to begin.