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How to find and make Crystalline Hash (THCa), the most powerful weed extract on Earth

Alternative World News NetworkApr 21, 2017, 6:05:12 PM

Known as the purest isolate of THC anywhere on the market, THCa registers between 99% and 100% potency.  In its crystalline form it can be vaped in a process that converts the THCa to THC, while producing an incredible, cerebral high.  It can also be ingested without causing any psychoactive effects.

It's unique.

Considered a type of hash, it can cost as much as $200 per gram in some dispensaries.

THC, in it's natural form, is crystalline.  This is one of the purest forms of it you can get.  It has received some criticism because of the crystalline shape (people have likened it to meth), but it remains a super valuable medical and recreational substance.

There are multiple ways to make it and multiple forms it can take (it's not always crystalline).  Below are two videos, highlighting types of THCa.  The second video shows how to make it at home and provides a recipe for success.


"I decided to make a video to share with others the process I did while making my daughter's tincture. The first time I made this, I searched but never found videos to assist me along the way. I hope you find this useful.

**PLEASE NOTE: USE CHEESE CLOTH RATHER THAN COFFEE FILTER. It has come to my attention, coffee filters can be unhealthy with the process in which they are made. Thanks you. (updated 3/4/14)"


THCA Tinctures for Seizures - The Simple Way


To start you will need the following.


1 ounce good fresh dried bud from any high THC strain. (1 oz)


1 Liter of Ever-clear or other 95% alcohol


2 x one liter glass mason jars.


Nylon hose or stocking (new & washed)


Coffee filter or cheese cloth


1 Pyrex/glass Oblong Baking Dish 4.5L


Preparation for Extraction


1) Take 1 ounce of dried bud (preferably frangible) from any high THC-strain and crumble it all up (by hand) and place in glass mason jar. (Tip - to make buds dry enough to be frangible/brittle, lay buds on a tray and leave a cool fan blowing air directly on to it for an hour or so.


2) Place a piece of nylon stocking across the mouth of the mason jar holding the crumbled buds, and tie with a rubber band or piece of string. Place in freezer overnight.


3) Place two containers of 500 ml spirit in the freezer (or one liter -- you measure out 500ml when the time comes). Freeze containers of alcohol overnight to -17 or -19 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Extraction


Now, the idea is to work very quickly to do two, perhaps three, quick rinses before the buds thaw. The freezing process prevents picking up water soluble contaminants from the plant material during the rinse.


4) Pour 500 ml of the frozen spirit onto the frozen buds, slush it around for a bit. After about 90 seconds pour off the liquid through the nylon stocking, and then also through a coffee filter * (to remove small particulate matter) into the glass collection dish.


(*The second mason jar has a coffee filter secured to it, so you pour the alcohol/resin solution through the filter into the second mason jar, then pour that into the glass collection plate)


5) Fill jar again with the remaining 500 ml of alcohol, swish around again, and then pour off the liquid through the nylon stocking and then through a coffee filter into the second mason jar, and then into the glass collection dish.


Sometimes a third wash is possible before thawing so try and do the first two rinses quickly. If you do a third wash you will need additional alcohol.


What is poured into the plate is all the resin without the plant material. This contains your THCA as well as other cannabinoids.


6) The collection plate should now hold about 1 liter spirit and resins. Place a household fan near the plate and blow cool air over the plate for about 24 to 48 hours or until all of the alcohol has evaporated. There is no hurry here ok.


7) The collection plate once evaporated should have a thin film of resin sticking to the glass. It helps to have a flat razor blade or putty knife to scrape up the resin. It's very sticky, like tar, and it's easier to work with when very cold (you can pop it in the fridge to harden it).


One ounce should yield about 3 to 5 gms of resin. Keep this stored in the fridge to keep cool and easier to handle.


Making a THCA Tincture.


8) Weigh the resin, and put 1gm of THCA resin into a 100 ml bottle and fill with spirit. You will find the resin easier to handle if it is frozen.


9) Test your final result at a lab so you know exactly what you have. Results should show high amounts of THCA a small amount of THC (through natural decarboxylation in the drying/curing process of the buds).


10) Each patient is taking roughly 2ml/day of the tincture. This is broken down into 4 drops 3 times daily, and 1ml before bed. One ounce of high grade bud produces 3 to 5gms of resin. That is enough to make 3 to 5 100ml bottles


This is NOT for sublingual use. It is designed to go down a feeding tube, or be incorporated in juice or custard, etc.


*Recipe provided by a group on Facebook. This is not my recipe.