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Cancer; The Forbidden Cures.

NettlesApr 17, 2017, 8:36:04 PM

 Banned Cancer Cures


Rene’ Caisse RN: Her concoction was derived from a Native American herbal remedy. She called it Essiac, her last name spelled backward. She was a registered nurse in Canada and incorporated this Ojibwa remedy into her practice. She ran a clinic in Bracebridge from 1934 to 1942. She never was imprisoned bu,t short of that, government and medical establishments did not make it easy for her.

Harry Hoxsey: He used an herbal remedy his great grandfather had discovered while treating a horse. He had noticed the horse had a tumor that was spreading so he put it out to pasture, basically to die. He noticed that the tumor was shrinking, so he watched the horse and observed that it was eating plants that weren’t a normal part of its diet. He put two and two together and realized the horse was eating plants that were curing its tumor, so he started to experiment with those herbs. His son (Harry’s father) continued to use the remedy and was the first to treat a human with it. Harry battled the AMA for 25 years before ultimately giving up.

Max Gerson: Max Gerson eliminated his own headaches through diet and was told by a patient doing the same that his tuberculosis had also cleared up. This led Max to become what some have dubbed one of the greatest healers of our time with his dietary methods healing a number of things from cancer to diabetes. He too has fought a lot of criticism but the results speak for themselves. He has published a lot of books about the Gerson Method and despite his claims there isn't a lot of "credible" evidence to support his methods. However, as time has passed and his family has continued the fight more and more people have been helped for a variety of health conditions using his therapy. There is also the fact that he and his family have gotten the amount of scrutiny they have. Common sense dictates that the medical and scientific establishments, both of which have nothing to gain by people eating better and being healthier, are fighting so hard to disprove him. That speaks very loudly to Gerson's credibility.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: His method, called German New Medicine or just The New Medicine, has been considered "pseudo-medicine". His theory is that cancer is related to psychological trauma. There has been controversy around him and some of it has been self inflicted. He suggested that the suppression of his method was a conspiratorial plot wherein Jews are trying to decimate non-Jews by discrediting them. He allegedly spent 19 months in a French prison just for talking about his method, and 12 months in a German prison for alleged malpractice. Of course the other side of the coin is that there are enough testimonials that his methods work for him to make this list in the first place. For me, his therapy brings up the idea that part of treatment has to do with the patients mental state, which is a choice.

 Ernst T. Krebs: His method involves using Laetrile, aka: vitamin B-17 or amygdalin, which is known to kill cancer cells, among other things. The nay-sayers love to point out that it is poisonous but for them I feel compelled to mention that chemotherapy isn't very different as far as being poison for the body. It comes from the seeds of apricots and similar fruits. Use of it is prohibited in the United states because it was not approved by FDA and, in fact, the FDA lists it as toxic.

Dr. William Lane: This method incorporates the use of shark cartilage which inhibits the growth of tumors. (Anti angeonetic) the AMA/FDA is only interested if they can patent it so they are trying to create something in a lab that does the same thing. (Good news for the sharks I guess.) The interesting thing of note here is that while "credible scientific researchers" say the theory is total bunk, they simultaneously have been attempting for decades to reproduce the effects of shark cartilage in a lab. If it is total bunk, why do they want to make it synthetically? Oh yea, a patent, in other words, while they criticize Lane for just wanting to sell his product, they are guilty of exactly the same thing and just have their knickers in a twist because big pharma aren't the ones lining their pockets.

 Dr. Tulio Simoncini: Dr. Simoncini believes that cancer is a fungus so he treats it with sodium bicarbonate delivered directly into the tumor sight. Hindu texts say the same and they are over 1000 years old. Dr. Simoncini was attacked and threatened with a 3 year prison term for incorporating this therapy. On melanomas on the skin, he uses iodine tincture and the cancer has fallen away like a scab.

 Mistletoe (Iscador treatment) Has been used for over 100 years in the treatment of cancer and it is still being used today, of course under the guise of "the next new thing in cancer therapy" which is utter BS, by the way. Mistletoe has been widely documented to either improve the quality of and extend life, as well as result in complete recovery.


There are 100's of  more cases like this. I understand that this list is by no means exhaustive but since Millenials make up a large portion of folks that might see it and have an attention span that is less than that of a goldfish, I thought I'd make it as short as possible. Research is encouraged if you want to...

 Y gwir yn erbyn y byd.

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