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Etiquette on Minds; A Story of What not To Do

Marcus Tullius CiceroApr 12, 2017, 6:07:01 AM

So I decided after I heard that @PlanetLove is completely out of the picture over on Meme Wars and has in fact seemingly taken a trip round the bend along with Shia LaBeouf, I can’t help but ask what exactly he did that was so offensive to the vast majority of posters on the Meme Wars group, such that he became the self styled Minds Target for trolling. So I decided to write this small article of online etiquette specifically for the situation that can be found on minds, often unlimited free speech with no moderation from @Minds themselves to help show how @PlanetLove got under people's skin.


Now I have to admit that I don’t like @PlanetLove, he’s an SJW and even worse his memes are boring (I've always been of the opinion that lack of humour is a greater sin than ordinary character flaws, if you don't agree just call me eccentric), but I also identified some key features of @PlanetLove’s memes and underlying ideas and it’s a veritable case study in how to gain enemies and repel people. As for @PlanetLove himself, if he reads this he can consider himself BTFO until he fixes his act and returns a far more polite user. With that out of the way, here’s my list of bad etiquette delivered in a sarcastic tone as always.


How to Gain Enemies and Repel People:


1. Moralize frequently, if there’s anything you can rely on it’s that people not only want your unsolicited advice about how to live, but also to have those pearls of wisdom delivered in an insulting tone. Naturally that’s not designed to better them, but rather to make you feel superior.



2. Beyond having a thin skin, assume that people who disagree with you are the denizens of trailer parks, and assume that just about every wicked and base attribute is intrinsic to them. This is not at all similar to hating Gypsies on the basis of their culture and/or ethnicity.



3 .One of the most important things to remember is that Bourgeois attitudes, especially sneering at common folk, will always endear you to the bygone upper class whose mannerisms you emulate. There’s not a chance that those of good manners and education will look on this fixation with trailer park trash and see you as a sore winner.



4. Calling for Bill Ottman (the CEO of @Minds) to make a forced exit from his mortal coil is an excellent move, and is looked on especially favourably by lawyers.



5. If people think your memes are lame it’s definitely not because you are an emotionally repressed Bourgeois fool, moralizing about manners of which your forbears were innocent. Moreover it's not at all likely that someone might even call you out as being the Trimalchio of @Minds for all of your mean-spirited behaviour.