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Sye Ten's YouTube story

SyeTenApr 8, 2017, 8:39:54 PM

Darlings, here's the thrilling story of why YouTube decided to terminate my sexy little channel...

Strike One

It started last month (March 2017) shortly after I uploaded a cartoon based on Milo Yiannopoulos' "controversial" comments about the age of consent. My video included a six second sequence depicting Milo clutching a young child's head to his groin while complaining that his words and behaviour had been taken out of context. Keen to comply with YouTube's family friendly terms of service, however, I did not show the child's face, Milo's dick or any hint of nob-gobbling.

Here's a screen shot:

And here's YouTube explaining why this video was removed:

YouTube isn't the place for nudity or sexually provocative content. Sexual content involving minors is particularly sensitive. YouTube prohibits uploading, commenting, or engaging in any type of activity that sexualizes minors.

Naturally I felt burdened with shame for my disgusting conduct. Commenting on activitiy that sexualizes minors is clearly a step too far.

How dare I judge other people's legitimate life choices by suggesting that sex with children might actually be reprehensible? What a bigot I am.

Strike Two

Towards the end of March 2017 I uploaded "Flinging a Faggot off a Roof" in response to Riley Dennis' curious ramblings on why a queer person would support Islam.

Originally I'd planned to animate a succession of gay celebrities being hurled from a roof top to accompany the song, but decided it would be far more powerful to include some real footage of men in Mosul being thrown to their deaths.

It's quite possibly my darkest and most poignant video to date and the response was overwhelmingly positive. One supportive email reads:

The editorial decision to use real footage was spot on. At first I thought you were just being lazy, but it took my enjoyment of the song and the happiness it was bringing me and contrasted it against the reality of how brutal it is. It was shocking, but I've never felt both feelings at the same time before so it kind of made it harder to compartmentalize away from reality in my mind. It also made me feel privileged that I was free to sit here and laugh at a religion that would have me killed elsewhere. That's why I think it's your best video yet.

And here's YouTube explaining why the video was removed:

We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express their points of view, even if unpopular. However, YouTube doesn't allow hate speech. Sometimes there's a fine line between what is and isn't considered hate speech. If you're not sure whether or not your content crosses the line, we ask that you don't post it.

My penalty was a temporary suspension from uploading any new content and I used this period to take a good, long look at myself and re-evaluate what it really means to be "sure" whether or not something crosses "the line".

What a cunting mind-fuck of a paradox.

Strike Three

On April 8th YouTube lifted my temporary suspension and I uploaded a video about the recent terrorist attack in Westminster; a musical medley that pays homage to the gallows humour of traditional British comedy.

Within a few hours my channel was terminated.

"Ah! That must have been where the line was," I thought to myself.

But the email from YouTube told a different story.

An old video of mine called "Let's Play Truck of Peace" had violated the community guidelines, completing the hat-trick of strikes necessary for a channel take-down.

Here's YouTube explaining why this video was removed:

YouTube doesn't allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. We also don't allow content that appears to be posted in a shocking, sensational, or disrespectful manner.

The only depictions of such activities that we may allow need to be educational or documentary in nature and shouldn’t be designed to help or encourage others to imitate them. When uploading a video, make sure to post as much information as possible in the title and description to help us and your viewers understand the primary purpose of the video.

Could my cartoon of a fictitious retro video game really encourage viewers to risk physical harm or death?

Of course it could.

Thank heavens for YouTube! We can all sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that our safety is their priority.

And that's the end of my channel.

Here's the part where I say thank you to everyone

I've loved my time on YouTube. The enduring support of so many people who've taken the time to help my little channel grow has been overwhelming.

Everyone who's left an encouraging comment, collaborated on scripts or volunteered their voice acting services has inspired me to knuckle down and make better content with each new video.

Over the years AtheismTV, LiveLife8072, TJ & the Drunken Peasants, Sargon, Bearing and many other sexy big-ass YouTubers have kindly showcased my videos and helped my channel grow to unthinkable proportions.

The generosity of everyone who's dug deep into their pockets and send their cold, hard cash  has absolutley blown me away.  Back in October I ended up housebound and unable to work for four months after being hit by a car and in all honesty, without those donations from the wonderful people who've been supporting me on Patreon, I would have been utterly fucked.

So much love and friendship has come my way, it's enough to give me a throat boner.

Thank you, you sexy cunts.

Big love


PS Minds is gonna be my new home and I'll be sure to use Twitter to share updates