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An Observation of Fairness

MrOctaviusApr 7, 2017, 8:46:19 PM

One person I have always held in high regard is economist Thomas Sowell, the great author and thinker of conservative-leaning ideas. Although I myself do not subscribe to any one ideology, I find that many clever ideas come from the mind of this great contemporary commentator. A few days ago, Mr. Sowell made a Twitter post concerning the definition of fairness and how if you ask ten people you would get eleven different responses. This was to imply that the nature of fair will always be subjective as men and women will likely label what they personally benefit from as being fair. This, of course, made me ask myself what is truly objectively fair. It is not an easy task especially for anyone with a decent knowledge of history as well as their own predispositions. However, after a few days of pondering I think I have come to a sensible answer.

Fairness is only obtained in one tending to their own business, staying far from meddling in the affairs of others no matter if the intentions are bad or good.


Now, this position would seem to be a form of cowardice as those who are too weak to defend themselves could fall victim to those who seek to control people. I counter with this question, what could not be more diminishing of that person’s agency than to gaze upon them with such pity? Would it not serve better than to assist that person when they call upon you instead, thus maintain some sense of honor? As tough as it would be to advert your attention, a person must find their own way throughout life; their decisions must be theirs alone. Simply guiding someone through all their tribulations will only make them subservient to you; no progress will have been made in the pursuit of their own business. Is that fair? I would not think so. Again, I proclaim that fairness is the freedom to tend to one’s own business without intruding on others.  


Mr. Octavius