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Tuber FreedomApr 6, 2017, 11:36:48 AM

Hello Tuber, I am going to compare how the state or the free market influences your behavior. Let's begin!

First I will describe what the state and free market means to me. 

When we look at humans on this planet what do we see? Individuals that want to survive, individuals that want to thrive, individuals that want to improve and individuals that want to be on top. Almost everyone wants to change the world as they think it should be. Noted!To change the world you can use 2 methods:

  1. Violence or the threat of violence
  2. Voluntary cooperation 

1.So the STATE is, in my opinion, the meta-representation of the violent part in us all. The more violent the average individual in a society and less capable of solving problems with reason the more brutal and despotic the government in that area will be. A brutal dictator will not be tolerated in the USA, but it will be tolerated in North Korea. The same in reverse. A person that tries to limit the use of violence and the reach of the state, will not be tolerated by the population of Saudi Arabia yet would be tolerable by Switzerland. I view it as the psychological expression of a nation let's say. 

2.The free market, as a concept, is the part of society that is represented by voluntary cooperation. Like all voluntary cooperations, it means that part A and part B will benefit. This is by far the best way to change the world. No one loses, everyone wins. The only reason that I can think of for not embracing the market fully is the poisoning of the concept by a small percentage of the population. The ones that want to exploit, dominate and completely control others. 

We got that short introduction out of the way. What does the state do to keep people from evolving from let's say an arbitrary 50% voluntary-50%violent to 100%voluntary or at least 98%? 

The state rewards you for embracing your violent and immoral side.

  • Support aggressive wars
  • Sue your neighbor and don't try to negotiate
  • Ask for a law against everything you dislike even though these people don't harm you in any way.
  • Protest at every occasion, just chant a slogan and don't engage in conversation.
  • Women use the power of the state to take revenge on your ex-husband.  
  • Cops use your job to hit that man even when unnecessary. 
  • Minorities use the state to force that man to bake you a pizza.
  • Delete his entire channel because he used a copyrighted song from you, what do you care, the state is backing you up.
  • Take that welfare even if you can work, let the state steal from them, you just take the check, you did nothing wrong. Shame them if they disagree!
  • Go into that union so you can force your employer to give you money and he can't fire you!
  • Are you rich? You think you don't need us? Think again, how about your other rich friend that paid for some laws to bury your business? 
  • Are you a business man and you voluntarily can get a 5% profit for your services? Why don't you support us and get a nice subsidy from the taxpayers?
  • Go into the army so you can have a justification for killing people in a country that you never heard of.
  • Get in our schools and learn about the wonderful violent system that we run, don't ever, ever believe that the free, voluntary interactions between people can work in society. 
  • Taste the forbidden fruit and become one of us. It's good to have power! 

The free market rewards you for embracing your voluntary side. 

  • Get a job wherever you want, you don't like it? Find something else!
  • Learn skills, be better than others at doing stuff and you will get more resources.
  • Don't be aggressive at work, people don't like that and your career will suffer.
  • Be fair, cheating people will make them not wanting to do business with you.
  • Be trustworthy, if you keep your word others will do business with you without much overhead.
  • Start your own business if you think you can compete.
  • Be confident, you see that you succeed in making those customers happy!
  • Build great friendships, if you are liked and respected in a community you will have a great business. 
  • Everyone that works is respected, I thank my garbage man for doing a job I would voluntary won't do and I pay him well for the service. 
  • Be creative, an original idea can make you a billionaire.
  • Be hard working, the more you work the more you get.
  • Invest in your society, you profit if everyone is rich around you so use the capital you earned to find the great people of tomorrow and give them a boost!
  • Find ways to deal with criminals that are scientifically proven to prevent relapse.  Nothing is more costly than a man/woman that steals, rapes, murders. 
  • If you don't like something change it for the better, it's profitable.
  • If you please people, they will make you rich.
  • If you solve other people's problems they will make you rich.
  • If you are kind others will help you in return.

People naturally like the free market. It takes 12 years of government school and a lot of time wasted to make people afraid of engaging with others or to have low self-esteem in order to surrender and take the government way, a tested way to misery, for them and for others, in the long run. It's time to try something new this century!