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MINDS Basics

Gerry GeronimoApr 4, 2017, 7:48:39 PM

MINDS User Guide for the Browser: Basics

This is a short introduction to MINDS.

When you joined MINDS, you created a channel.

In your channel, you can post images, videos, links, blogs, and anything else you want. These posts, including posts you have reshared and reminded appear in your channel newsfeed.

There are 2 newsfeeds in MINDS: your channel newsfeed and your home newsfeed. Your home newsfeed will include "boosted" content, your posts, and posts from other channels you have subscribed to and groups you have joined. Note that your posts in groups will not show up in your channel newsfeed unless your remind or share them!

The more you interact with others in MINDS, the more points you earn. You can also purchase points. Points are useful for "boosting" your posts, i.e., putting them in front of others who may not see them otherwise.

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