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The Demonic Demonization

PatmanmeowApr 4, 2017, 1:05:23 AM

Broadcast (your content by our guidelines only but don't expect to gain money and pay debts for) Yourself.


There is an ironic, yet remarkable trend when it comes to creating videos to one of the biggest social media websites on the internet right now. An exciting take which has now been dismantled by corporate rule. Youtube's slogan is "Broadcast Yourself" where anyone can make videos about anything. Now many big advertisers are pulled off of videos that are "extreme" regardless if they remain a business; they, like the regressive left, are pushing their agenda rather than commence profit as they should. 

The question to think about is, what is extremism? Is there a specific form of extreme content that needs to be available regardless of stats? Is Islam okay to talk about if the person is Muslim and all for Sharia? What about making videos talking about sexuality? Facebook and Twitter confirmed shadowbanning accounts showing opinions they don't agree with. Now, everyone on Youtube is saying they cannot make money off videos because of what the media calls hate speech or conservative/libertarian. The added features Youtube recently put out, Restriction Mode, have been implemented into hiding videos that are considered offensive. The last time I used Youtube, there was no notification of channels in restricted mode and I wasn't given any when my phone buzzed, especially after checking and resetting the options. Plus, when I played videos from the big channels, including those starting out and have gained wide range of recognition, the video started. Then there are the big businesses. Disney, Coke, Starbucks, Ford, all of them have decided to stop promoting their products, not because they found videos they were advertising on to be offensive, but they decided to bring forth their political agendas, particularly those against conservatives or liberals not sharing the same values as they do, before making transactions.      

They want to remove independent comparisons and put up artificial accommodations. The biggest channels for movies, music, DIY, gaming, and news like CNN and Vox are getting more advertisements, but are getting less views than the bigger channels that provide something to think critically for.  With the misguided hit pieces from WSJ, and Buzzfeed establishing complaints about content that is part of the right-wing or classical liberalism or whatever wing, it is no wonder that they are the ones with flagpoles and picket signs going after those they disdain only to realize they don't have a route on a map. And someone who puts effort to showing the hypocrites of killing fun by trolling them or questioning their motives is the equivalent of pointing a mirror up and saying they have gunk on their face and the only excuse they give is "You're a bigot if you think I'm not pretty." But all of this proves one thing: We don't own the corporation, we only use it to speak. 

So, there can be, for lack of a better word, hope for many Youtubers: Keep making videos. Even if you're not getting a lot of money, you can still empower your thoughts and ideas to the world. All you require is a platform to use and no matter how good or bad the ideas may be, they are branded for a free open market. Instead of begging for money, show some awareness that is optional. That is how you can avoid giving in and losing your right to speak out.

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