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Why political correctness will enslave you

Tuber FreedomApr 2, 2017, 1:53:03 PM

Hello Tuber,

In the next few minutes, I am going to talk about political correctness and how it will enslave you. Let's begin!

You already know that it will enslave you. But you don’t care! If you give the government the power to censor, you know deep down in your heart that freedom as a whole is gone. You can say: but some speech offends, it makes people sad, they feel bad when others don't agree. Since when did this mild inconvenience become a reason to fine people or drag them to jail. Have you lost any sense of proportion? Is the emotional stress so unbearable, that you would send someone you disagree with you to jail? Would you send yourself to jail for offending someone?

The state feeds out of your insecurities. There are people there that understand too well your nature. They will exploit you, feed you weakness if that means you will vote to give them the power to CENSOR. Ohhh, how much they want it. Only the small group of rulers can now decide what is permissible and what is not. Power over speech is power over ideas. They got power over schools. Everything you learn has been curated and approved by the government. Good luck learning about anything true regarding the ruling system.

 -They control half of the GDP in most cases.

-They have control of what children learn for 12 years. Every single child that is not home schooled. Even private schools follow the government curriculum.

-They have control over practically infinite firepower. Believe it or not, this is the least important.

- They have control over how and what you produce.

- They control the courts you appeal to for justice.

-They control the way you get your healthcare.

-They control charity. That they now use as a political instrument.

-They control the value of your money that you earned. If they want, tomorrow, your savings in money will be worthless.

-They control vast portions of land and underground resources.

-They can borrow money in your name, without asking for permission.

-They can lie to you and face no consequence. If you lie to them is time for jail.

-They can spy on you and hack your devices, never being punished. ---They only punished those that leak their wrongdoings.

-They make your laws.

-They control what you can put in your body. Are you free? Really?

-They control your retirement money.

-They have control over you like no one else has. They do that with your money, and you can’t say no. You can but that means you go to jail or end up shot by the cops you pay for. The irony. Shot by the police you pay to guard your life and property. The social contract is ended with a bullet in your head.

 If you don't like monopolies and huge corporations. Then why in god's name you support this monstrosity. If you hate monopolies you should hate the biggest of them all. The state itself.

And now you want to give it more power. Give it the power to shape the very speech you use to share ideas. The only why that its power over people can be challenged. By the truth.

They will lie to you and say that it's for the poor offended snowflakes. But it's not. They will grow it in time until nothing important can be said out loud. They will not stop until you will question every word you want to get out. You will only talk about the weather. The only way to avoid jail for offending or other imaginary crimes. The more crimes they invent the more laws they pass, the less free you are. Why is it hard to understand?

A dictator doesn't need laws because he does what he wants. He is stupid, the system is unstable, people see him as evil. He is a target. A smart dictator creates the illusion of law. You are protected by the law. When in fact, he creates a system that has a law for everything and for nothing. Put a little backdoor in every article. In the end, a good lawyer will get you out of anything and a corrupt prosecutor can put you away for everything. (Differences between countries may apply.)

And you want to give them more power. And your problems are microaggressions and mansplaining. This is what keeps you up at night. And your solution is more violent power to this group of people. If you become a slave to them would you be in paradise?

Do you even have a limit to what you will give up? Is freedom just a word to you?

 Maybe you shouldn't have been such a good student and learned so well. Maybe. Please don't send me to jail if I offended you!

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See you next time!

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