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A.I. joins the race towards the #FractalUniverse

VirtualUniverseMar 31, 2017, 11:18:35 PM

Preliminary tests with a simple chatbot modified for the purpose show promising results in function combinations that produce results almost as good as the hand-picked variants from humans, but much more stable.

The programmers who modified the chatbot claim this is because humans cannot keep all the variables in mind when looking for stability, but sure can pick the promising stable versions from what the A.I. finds.

We are looking for variants in the fractals that don't collapse on themselves without a few billion in-world years, having had a chance to form higher elements and complex life.


Disclaimer: The fractal addressing is to a 'parallel universe' so to speak, with the elements based on 3+1 familiar dimensions and a lightspeed limitation necessary for e=mc2, but not the familiar lightspeed that produces matter and antimatter.

We are actively searching for the prime combination that produces forces in the right equilibrium to form familiar blackholes, photon constructive interferences, quarks and electrons so we can call it 'cosmos'.


Now, as stated in the post in the screenshot,

minds.com/blog/view/688336569370681356 ,

we do have a couple of theories of everything in the cooking for the #BAUniC project, and many others do for their own exploration of the #FractalUniverse,,, and the revolution is unstoppable, whether we have an alliance and friendly competition with A.I., or not.


Enjoy distraction day 20170401 !