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Kik Messenger: What You Need To Know As A Parent

RobertMillerMar 30, 2017, 4:57:31 PM

Kik has become a very popular instant messaging app with the teens of the World. The irony, this app is not at all made for the teens to use. This messenger has been accused of being a great platform for the use of strangers who access it as sexual predators. This popular app has around 90 million user profiles globally. Here we will discuss the Kik IM software and things you should also know to control your teens from the crazy hands of this messaging app.

Kik is an instant messaging app

Kik is an instant messenger similar to the existing conventional texting apps on digital devices. This messenger gives its users the multiple options of communication. From individual messaging to group messaging, this app gives the feeling of social networking. Kik can also be used to send media files like photos, GIFs, videos, and emoticons. You see, this is the app which can emotionally attach to your child’s growing years and can also carve a deep impact on your child’s experience with social networking.

Age appropriate usage

By the regulation of Children's Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA, Kik has prohibited its users from using it if they are not 13. But, the site has no tool for the verification of the age of the users. Just for this reason also, Kik has no parental control also. There has been reports of lots of sexual images, graphic and still, circulated easily through this app. The children are also becoming vulnerable easily to this type of circulations. Instead of keeping in touch with their friends, many kids are using it as a platform for dating, flirting, and even, exchanging adult contents.

The combination of Kik and other such social networking profiles

Using KIK Usernames on similar other social networking accounts can be a grave mistake which the kids can commit. It is a tempting invitation for the sexual predators to stalk your child’s profile and request them to send their nude images. There are no records for the parents to go through their child’s profiles because the chats can be easily deleted.

Remaining connected all the time

Kik is all about connecting with friends, all the time. It is like an addiction which can engulf their all focus from other activities of their life. Be it their studies, be it their extracurricular activities, be it their career, everything will be at stake. Their entire lives can be at stake by committing one huge mistake on this digital platform.

Ideal for actual teens

Kik messenger is perfect for users who are 17 or older. They are wise enough not to give out their personal information which includes their photos, or other media recorded moments. They can easily discriminate between strangers and their friends. They can give attention to other important activities of their lives and not make it everything.

In case you want your child to get off Kik Messenger

Parents of Kik users who are not 17 yet, can send an email to the authorities requesting deactivation of their child’s account. Just put the subject line as ‘Parent Inquiry,' and the rest will be done by them.