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Part 1 - Blogging in MINDS

Gerry GeronimoMar 29, 2017, 5:03:47 PM

Part 1 of MINDS Blogging Documentation for the Browser: The Basics


It is very important to have an interesting banner for your blog to attract attention and encourage others to read it. After all, that's the reason why you're writing a blog.

Your Title

It is also very important to have a "catchy" title for your blog. Your title should reflect what the blog is all about. Remember that the banner and title are the only things displayed when you "boost" your blog.


Select the desired licensing for your blog. I usually pick "Public Domain CCO No Rights Reserved" since my blogs are for everyone to read and use as they see fit.


I select "Unlisted" while I am in the process of writing the blog and then I switch it to "Public" when the blog is ready to be published to everyone. I've never used "Loggedin" which I presume means that the blog is only available to MINDS users who are logged in.


Click on the "E" to toggle between "Anyone" to "Mature Content."

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