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Nurse Prepper: Survival Kits & Supplies

Nurse PrepperMar 11, 2017, 11:02:42 PM

Are you 'Hunkering down' or 'Hiking out'?

Expect the unexpected!

If I must BUG-OUT I'll take only:  Portable Emergency Communications (black bag) - Backpack/Binoculars/Water - Backpack: My "Little Bear" - Atlas/Maps - Boots & Hat - Self-Defense items (not shown).

These are essential items I always keep in my trunk. - Small Black Bag: Emergency Communications Radio/Walkie-Talkie - Ice Chest w/ 1 case bottled water inside and additional 1 Gallon Water (Purified) - Portable Refrigeration (plugs into lighter) - Pillow & Blanket, toilet & hygiene in green bag - Insulated bag:   My travel bag for dry soups, beverages and cereals. It holds my travel coffee pot, too.

*** These items are in addition to my Backpacks.

These 2 combined backpacks strap on easily. They contain medical & hygiene supplies, too. Total weight for my bug out: 25 lbs. The contents will keep me clothed, sheltered and fed (without hunting or fishing, etc.) for up to 2 weeks, if needed. ------------------------------------------------------------

*** Red bag is my Emergency Medical Bag Too much to list here...but this bag will let me help with anything from a scratch to a gunshot wound, CPR, and more. (Wt: 6 lbs)

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