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Elon Musk releases new photo of his tunneling machine

Alternative World News NetworkFeb 6, 2017, 6:50:14 PM

Elon Musk has, lately, been obsessed with tunnels.  Since sitting in traffic in Los Angeles and realizing we needed a serious solution to the metropolitan traffic issue, he has been hard (if not quietly) at work on the next generation of tunneling machines.

Though, these tunnelers do exist, Musk is working on an improved version that carves tunnels 10x faster than anything before.  These machines could lay pathways for hyperloop trains, roads and even veins of underground passage on Mars.

Musk jokingly calls his new venture "The Boring Company," as a play on the boreing machines that are to be built.

Here is an image he released on Twitter, titled "Minecraft."

This could likely be part of his machine without the cutting head attached.

Though he will probably not actually start "The Boring Company," his auto company, Tesla Motors, is poised to take over the construction and help lay the next century of tunnels.  His plan to alleviate traffic, lessen fuel consumption and emissions is right on the horizon.  In early February, he tested his first boreing machine in Los Angeles as part of SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition.  At the competition, the machine drilled a small hole as proof of concept.