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Funeral Flowers: Continuing a Tradition

wakasjavedJan 27, 2017, 6:52:06 PM

According to most historical accounts, people have associated flowers with funerals for thousands of years. Archaeologists have discovered the dry remains of blooms in some of the oldest gravesites, with much of the evidence coming from the those living east of the Mediterranean Sea. With the establishment of regular settlements, the residents also set aside a specific place for cemeteries.


In association with this, these early populations placed flowers in dozens of graves, often lining the site with blooms and other vegetation. In many of these graves, the bodies were lying on a bed of flowers. As time went on, people also began to think about how the funeral flowers would affect those attending a funeral, as much as they were thinking about the comfort of the deceased.


More Contemporary Use


While in many situations the use of flowers was quite practical, there is also evidence that people used sympathy flowers as an expression of their view of the natural cycle of life and death. Perhaps the mention of the word “garden” in hymns and poems also contributed to the increased use of blooming plants during a funeral and at the cemetery. Whatever the actual source of this tradition, today flowers are a visual expression of love, respect and the idea of sharing grief. Sympathy flowers are certainly a tradition in most places around the world.


At one point in the not-to-distant past some communities had a designated “flower lady” who was just as much a part of the funeral service as the pall bearers. Sometimes a small group of women carried the flowers and placed them, an honor that has been relegated to the past in many locations. While this traditional role is not so common, the use of flowers continues to be a major part of funeral activity.


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Expert Assistance


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