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Now you can get high with electromagnetic frequencies and you won't feel the hangover

Alternative World News NetworkJan 17, 2017, 10:42:35 PM

A new kind of "drug" has been developed that will get you high without the side effects of dizzyness, hangover and even withdrawal.  The source is electromagnetic wavelength.

"The resonator isn't a unique device, a lot of people have done this prior to me," says Dami Ajani, an electronics technician and owner of NeuroFitness Wellness Center. "But as far as I know, it's the first time electromagnetic frequencies are being used at parties to match the mood the DJ wants to create. That's why I call myself an EJ: energy jockey."

According to Ajani, the frequencies were developed by Donald Adams, a mathematician and former Microsoft software engineer who created them under his company Sound of Stars.

"He created mathematical maps of the different states of the brain and applied them to an algorithm, which spat out the frequencies," he explains.

Ajani has noticed people coming into the club where he is playing his frequencies and getting high without the negative side effects. "What we've really noticed playing those frequencies," he says, "is that typically at these events you don't see people who are shit-faced drunk. Maybe they're getting there, but they keep going and they don't feel like there's a hangover effect or a ridiculous drop-off. [The frequencies] keep them maintained."

You can, apparently, tap into the same frequencies that are produced by MDMA and LSD.  Though you won't hallucinate, you will experience the high.

Technology's a beast.