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legofreak446Jan 11, 2017, 5:09:15 AM

This is a LOOOONNNG backstory about my Journey into supporting Trump, skip down a little to get to the 10 Reasons why you should Subscribe to Trump’s Presidency.

I was like most Americans at the time, as in I couldn’t care about the 2016 Elections and didn’t get a feeling for any Candidate for any side because:

-I thought that Cruz was a lying Canadian

-I thought that Carson should’ve stood with what he knew, Neurology

-I thought that Rubio and Bush were weak wussies who couldn’t make it 5 minutes into a speech with chugging down water or looking down like a loser (that’s you, Jeb)

-I thought that Sanders was just a Socialist Jew who would’ve turned this nation into another Venezuela

-I thought that Clinton was just a lying, cheating criminal who has been funded by foreign interests, married a rapist, destroyed Libya and was responsible for ISIS-OH WAIT! I am right! She was responsible for all of those things!

-And lastly, I thought that Trump was a stupid, narcissistic, immature old man with no temperament to become the President


So after school’s out, I would just spend all of summer with me, my family and YouTube with my favorite channels like jacksepticeye, M3rkMus1c, Sargon of Akkad, Paul joseph Watson, Chris Ray Gun, Some Black Guy, Brian Anthony Logan, Stefan Molyneux and Funhaus. I soon found about Paul Joseph’s parent channel, InfoWars with Alex Jones, where I would then watch their shows and most watch footage of anti-Trump protests and riots in rather peaceful trump rallies.


Once I saw those, I watched videos of Trump Epic Moments and research the facts of what he actually believes in and what he wants as policies in the United States.


I then watched Rekt Feminist Videos on “You Can’t Stamp the Milo” Compilations, who is an amazing speaker and a big fan of Trump, even if he’s from Britain. When that came, I soon turned myself into a Trump Con (Conservative voting for Trump) as they would call it; I bought myself a MAGA hat and Hillary For Prison shirt from InfoWars.com, where I then bought a giant flag pole to present on the First day of school in Senior year:

Now besides my little backstory on how I came from disliking Trump at first to not getting enough of him After summer break, I now present to you The Top 10 reasons to Support Trump as President:


Reason #1: He Has a Great Economic Plan: Unlike most of the candidates who are just there to wear a suit and tie to look like they know something, Donald Trump is actually a businessman who even the majority of voters said that they thought Trump would be better for helping the economy, bringing jobs back, and to lower taxes on everyone to smoothly recreate social mobility in the nation, for both poor and rich people alike.


He also wishes to fix NAFTA to bring jobs back to the US from Mexico, and to completely repeal the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Reason #2: He Wants to Build a Wall: The majority of Americans can agree that illegal immigration is not only unfair to those who waited up to five or more years and a long process to get here legally, only for others to cheat their way in the United States.


These illegal aliens even use up more welfare and government aid than Native born Citizens; they create more crime, they use up our health insurance, our spaces to live, our free schooling and charity and are only here because of two reasons: The Republican Establishment uses them for cheap labor because having more people in the labor supply drops down wages and makes the economy weaker, despite what they say about these aliens paying taxes, and because the Democrat Establishment use them to get votes, so that they can increase taxes on Native born citizens, increasing the size of the government’s power and to get re-elected almost to the point where a Republican will never fairly win in anything and the American people would be cheated out of.

The solution that most agree with? DEPORTATION! And lucky for us, Trump has promised to build a Great Wall of America to keep illegals from pouring into our Southern Border; it’s still debated whether Trump will build a literal wall or a metaphorical one in the meaning of having more Border Patrol, security and technology to spot out drug dealers, criminals and smugglers.

 Not to mention the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had in the first time in its history endorse a candidate for an election, and it was Donald J. Trump.

Of course this got very controversial, as many people try to claim that Trump’s Wall policy is a racist statement against Hispanics, despite what he actually said about Mexico’s illegal immigration.

And why not? Mexico has a wall on their Southern Border to Guatemala to keep illegals out of their country, which Mexico doesn’t give welfare to illegals, they just deport them back, which would be hypocritical of them to say so and then to say Trump’s Wall is racist. Well Mexico can just suck a big one, because after Inauguration Day, they’ll have to think on how to pay for the wall, as they WILL pay for it or else.


Reason #3: He Wants to Re-Establish Justice and Law of the Land:From the Riot and Protests, and from Lone Wolves to Group Terrorists attacks in the United States, many Americans’ are afraid of what will happen next. Before it was Orlando, then Dallas, then New York, Charlotte, Ohio, Washington, and Chicago and much more. It’s truly frightening to think what’ll happen next!

 And shown HERE and HERE , most police and Military organizations endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Thankfully for us, Trump is just like most Americans, and that he wants to re-establish Justice and The Law of the Land in the nation to stop the thugs of #BlackLivesMatter , stop the immigration of any Muslim who is likely to be radicalized and be turned into a Terrorist, to stop those who go against the Law and those who are trying to start Race Wars, Riots and Resentment to the United States, AKA Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Academia, The Establishment, the Mainstream Media, Liberal Celebrities and many more.


Reason #4: He’s an Outsider: It’s about time We the People, for the first time in 50 years or so after Kennedy, can get a man for President who is just as normal as you Common Joe, and who hasn’t spent 30 or years in the Office just to keep a grip of power *cough* *cough* Clinton *cough* *cough*

Reason #5: He is Really, Really Smart and Successful: Whether you think that Trump is a buffoon or a genius, Well, actually, he’s just a Genius!


He went to one of the most prestigious Business schools in the nation, Wharton School, had turned a Small loan of a million dollars into billions, and has created one of the biggest Real Estate companies in the World today!


They try to distract you from his success with say that “He has gone bankrupt at least four times or more”; the Truth is that he experienced only corporate bankruptcy, so has Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford and Walt Disney, it’s not the same as personal bankruptcy as they try to make it out to be.


Not only that, but he also is remarkable for having a very high IQ of 156, which would make him the second most intelligent President in US History only after John Q. Adams whose IQ was 168. He’d also be much smarter than Obama, who’s IQ is 105, the average intelligence as a third grader, and is even noted as the “Least Intelligent President in US History.” And Hillary Clinton’s IQ of only being around 100-115.


Reason #6: He Wants to Work with Russia: For months now after the Election, the DNC have tried to link their leaks with Russian hacking and to which got Trump elected, only problem is: The whistleblower was a DNC insider and because for about 18 months Straight, Hillary and anti-Trump supporters have been rioting, disturbing, beaten and even kidnapped Trump supporters because of their political views and Race, which by definition are both hate crimes, and persecution.


But now that he’ll get into Office on January 20th, he is willing to restore relations with the Russian Federation and the work with Vladimir Putin on easing tension on the Russian Border and to help think of a plan to finally rid the Threat of ISIS, which only Russia is actually doing anything about it, while the United States, Clinton and Obama created the displacement of Middle Easterners and which created the “Migrant Crisis” and which lead to the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria itself.

Reason #7: He Is Going to Drain the Swamp: As mentioned before, Trump is only now being involved in any political Power in his life, and the first thing he’ll do as promised is to ‘Drain the Swamp’, referring to removing and even arresting some people in the White House who have been in for more than a few years, even decade because of corruption and greed in the Government.

This also means in other ways having the Criminal Hillary Clinton into jail for corruption, conspiracy, foreign aid into her Presidential Candidacy and Lying about her Emails and Benghazi. He also promises to abolish the Federal Reserve for their corruption and their fault for increased interest rates, and much more criminals in the System.


Reason #8: He Wants to Bring Back American Isolationism: For far too long has America been poking it’s head into foreign affairs, creating resentment against the American people, creating wars and conflicts which only destroy the fabrics of foreign society that were rather Secular and fair like Saddam, then Assad and finally Gaddafi which lead to destabilizing the Middle East and the rise of ISIS.


No more, we say as we stand with Trump, shall he have are loved ones, our brave and honorable troops, to be tortured, killed, physically and psychological scarred for life in Wars and conflicts that only made the Situation in the World WORSE!

He wishes to close down almost all 720+ US Military Bases worldwide, to rather give its Allies such as Japan and Korea nuclear arms, and keeping places like Saudi Arabia and Iran from getting it themselves; as well as promising for the United States to fully leave NATO since the other allies don’t repay America in any way that they should.


Lastly, to leave the Paris Conference as to not get cheated out of money and industry for the myth of Climate Change, as he pointed out once was created by the Chinese, but overall disagrees with having to follow a Worldwide Government.


Reason #9: He’s Funny and Politically Incorrect: Whether you like him or not, it’s no denying that Trump, like most Americans, are extremely opposed to Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism.


For the pass three to four decades, America and the West in general has been subjected to not offend the feelings of minorities, that White people are a racist cancer and must die off, and the constant Leftist view of wanting equality of outcome rather than Equality of Opportunity, and the idea that the United States is a white, misogynist, capitalism patriarchy there to get women and minorities.


So it’s no surprise that Trump is a fresh breath of air as he is noted for politically incorrect, albeit sometimes rude and obnoxious, and that he opposes the idea of being told what he can and cannot say or do. Well love him for it.


He’s incredibly funny as hell, and these are the Examples:

Finally, Reason #10: He’s Got More Support Than You Think: Over the past year and a quarter, that the Mainstream media and many anti-Trumpers have said that Trump only gets voted from racist, misogynist, homophobic, patriarchal white KKK rednecks.


But as seen on CNN’S Own Data to Post Election Demographics, it shows just how much more support he got than expected.


Polls show that around 7% more blacks voted for Trump than they did for Mitt Romney, more minorities in general have voted for Trump more than they did for Romney or McCain. 53% of White women and more women in general voted for Trump than they did for Romney or McCain. Trump has won the most Muslim votes than any other Republican Presidential nominee ever in US History. More Independent voters voted for Trump than they did for third party candidates. And the rest can be seen on the Data on top.

Conclusion: Listen, whether you like Trump, are optimistic for him even if you didn’t vote for him like 72% of all Americans are optimistic for him, or Down-Right Hate His Guts!, you still have to realize that, Yes, he is going to President now, and we must work together to rebuild and better America for the future.

Let us all, Black & White, Male & Female, Liberal and Conservative, Democrat and Republican, Voters and Nonvoters, Rich and Poor, Smart and Dumb, Citizens and Immigrants, we all are here, because our Ancestors love America and we know that this is still The Greatest Nation on the Face of This Planet, and we are he because we love this country, and want to make it the Best it can be. Please, let’s come together, work together, laugh together, and Let’s Make America Great Again!

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