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Going to parties and being sober is the new, hot craze

Alternative World News NetworkJan 10, 2017, 7:47:08 PM

It's the new thing, to go to a party and kick it, completely sober.  People are finding that, not only are they waking up without a hangover, they're remembering the parties more and enjoying themselves on another level.

The entire movement of sober living is evidence that people are seeking to deepen their connections with each other and turning out more meaningful experiences.

Personally, I (the author) didn't start drinking alcohol until I was 23.  Attending college for theatre, the parties got heavy.  Most everyone drank and being one of the few sober ones was invigorating; slightly awkward at first, but the nights were amazing once I figured out how to interact with the drunks.

It was also empowering.  Being sober drew a sense of respect from the crowd, odd as it seemed.  Being able to stand out as your own person, regardless of what everyone else was doing, was empowering.

Now, the craze is sweeping the nation and the world.

Meditation and sobriety are clinching up for real, memorable experiences and people are coming away feeling better.

Additionally, small doses of THC are acting more like an herb than a drug.  Like eating an apple, a bit of the substance, found in marijuana, can actually make you think more clearly.  Working out and clearing your head is the best way to go forward; now society is catching on.