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Religion or Atheist? What if you're BOTH correct, partially?

BdamSmartDec 29, 2016, 8:48:36 AM

Are you Self- Aware? Yes or No? How do you know that?

If, Yes? Then how did you prove it? Mirror or Through thinking?

If, Mirror? Then you believe in Material and Science. You are physical Being.

If, Thought? Then you believe in Mind Function, not an aspect of physical Being, but through the use of it Elecro/Magnetical, which has no physical properties. (Think Matrix)

Athiest - fight to say only Material World/Science Exist
Religious - fight to say only mind is the proof, but bring up any story then say is true.

This is Contrast between All Physical/Material or All Non-Physical.

Why does this MATTER? You need one ANSWER to Question - Who am I, and why do I exist, if I am self-Aware? What if you are both Physical(and it has rules) and Mental(and it has rules) so who made up the RULES? "THUS BOTH"

You're a Creator, but which one? Ultimate Creator or Divine Creator works as the Descriptive Name. (Thus why I shy away from GOD word)

DIVINE LAW or Ultimate Creator(RULES) and NATURAL LAW(Science LAWs)

In the Beginning there Was NOTHING, first to exist? Nothing collected and moved, the ALL, of NOTHING moved, which is FIRST FREQUENCY and MOVEMENT, then Frequency is Light and or called Sound! Based on Rules of Natural Law, on many planes of existence, infinite degrees of frequency, where only Higher Planes of frequency rule over lower planes of frequency, in infinite Harmony, yet still based on Natural Rules.

Combined frequencies Create, much as a MRI reads a body through frequencies. You get sick, if material body or Spirit body have a frequency issue, you are combined and both. Like Politicians, two sides of the Fence, both arguing a point on which side, splitting, both True, yet NOT Complete Truth; as all TRUTH is only HALF truth and you are to discern, so to divide is to conquer. To split a whole? Male and female, but with both you can create, as a co-creator.

In science you split to smallest element, yet you can't see it. You need instruments to prove it exists, you have the elements, but I also say you can change the elements if you apply the correct frequencies, you collect them, measure them. Much like you do in Mind right now with this very thought, you can measure the fields their intensity of frequency, display that on a matter machine, yet you can't touch it, see it in action - following both DIVINE and NATURAL LAWS!

This can't be answered in a super short post, nor described, so sorry for the length, if you really wanted an answer?

I AM, THAT I AM...but many have told you before me, you just have to put them together in HARMONY, then remember the frequency of LOVE to do it.

WHY do you need me to write this, when all you had to do was look within to discover what you CARRY around every day, that which rarely leaves you? Both in the physical and non-physical, and why would you ever lie to yourself? The sub-conscious would answer you with only the TRUTH, as that is all it knows, while running Programming you give it or LEARN upon your JOURNEY, something called LIFE, right?

You are Required to Learn your own Lessons, over Time, but have you not learned the LESSON? 



LIMITLESS is what you ARE.   Maybe you haven't learned that yet, just carrying and inhabiting a body, so that is what your lesson is still to LEARN? Just never let FEAR, a useless emotion drive you to a belief, and there is NO DANGER in TRUTH, only LOVING FACTS to FIND; and LOVE is the HIGHEST FREQENCY, thus would RULE over all other FREQUENCIES with a PASSION, that feels good, both in Physical and Mental Realms.

Get off your KNEES and REALIZE YOUR OWN POWER, the word is movement and your dream is real, so play the best you can with your new discoveries from the connection of the Heart and Mind, and a Compassion to Love, in TRUTH, with your own FREE WILL.