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How to get in everything for free with a couple of hi-res security vests

The Daily PostDec 21, 2016, 8:16:20 PM

Well, maybe not everything, but a lot more than you think possible.

Social engineer, David Allegretti and his friend, Sean, decided, one drunken night, to try out this incredible hypothesis.  Could you actually get into a closed event if you wore those yellow hi-res vests?

It didn't take long for them to put the plan in motion.  Two vests, purchased from Officeworks, along with a couple of fake walkie-talkies, and they were off.

First, to the movies.  What better way to test out their theory than a low security, low stress environment like the movies.  They entered the theatre, not knowing exactly what to expect, and walked directly past the head ticket sales agent.  They turned into the first theatre they saw and celebrated their victory.

Next was time to raise the stakes.  They took a trip to the zoo.  Of course, in this situation it would be much more difficult; they were surrounded by people and in wide open environments, but, to their surprise, it was a cinch.

Again, walking directly past the ticket sales agent with a casual greeting, they were off, continuing to give zoo employees nods of greetings as they walked through the park.

The experiment shows how ready people are to accept a uniform, maybe because so many of us associate the yellow vest with a job no one wants to do (at least, that's their theory).

After a day at the zoo and highs which they had not felt before, they decided to take it to the next level.  A Coldplay concert.

This time, there were a few bumps, as they were turned away from a few different entrances, but they didn't give up.  They eventually made their way in (after swapping to orange vests, to blend in with security).

The concert was epic; the message, clear.  If you are looking for a sneaky way to get into just about anything, go hi-res.