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#MindsGaming #VIP Content Program

MindsGaming Community Dec 15, 2016, 4:00:15 PM

Get your exclusive content reminded to our community feed!


Minds.com offers users to get paid for exclusive content, the question is how to promote your exclusive content without using all your points or buying points on a regular basis?


Welcome to MindsGaming VIP!!!


  • *Get your exclusive content reminded to the MindsGaming Community Feed!!
  • Ability to post exclusive content inside one main community group
  • Your exclusive group listed on our community website in the VIP area
  • Get one exclusive post reminded a day. 


* Get Reminded!, Get Views!, Get Boosted!


*Verified content only:Members want to know that content is really behind a paywall.




We help you get paid!


By getting attention to your content to our community feed @MindsGaming is the best community on Minds,


With a large member base your more likely to get paid for your Exclusive content!


*Reminded content wires go to the original poster!


Cut the Line! Supporters of the community get help first with questions, group launches, and general help needed.




Supporter's who boost posts for points to the community, get 50% of the  amount boosted back to the network after accepted!




What’s it cost?




Gamer's that bring gaming exclusive content get reminds free!



OTHER Content:


All other exclusive content reminds & group posting abilitys are currently $1.00 a month, or 2,500 points a remind.




What am I paying for? (Behind the cost)

1.) Reminds to our channel for exclusive content & boosts for content, personal or groups.

2.) Our Exclusive Content!

3.) Points for community group boosts

4.) Community App & website updates.

5.) App & website promotion




Click Wire in our bio and see the rewards, Contact us on Minds! Or by email [email protected]



Affiliate Program!



So your viral & have a website too? Lets link up! Link for link Affiliates are free.

(Free Sites like WIX must be approved by MindsGaming)