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◭ Enslaved Society

Luminous▼SovereignDec 4, 2016, 7:14:26 PM
No society wants you to become wise: it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like robots. They will assert themselves - they will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them; they will want to live in freedom. ㅤFreedom comes with wisdom, intrinsically.
They are inseparable, and no society wants people to be free. The communist society, the fascist society, the capitalist society, the Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian – no society likes people to use their own intelligence because the moment they start using their intelligence they become dangerous – dangerous to the establishment, dangerous to the people who are in power, dangerous to the “haves”; dangerous to all kinds of oppression, exploitation, suppression; dangerous to the churches, dangerous to the states, dangerous to the nations.
ㅤIn fact, a wise man is afire, alive, aflame. He would like rather to die than to be enslaved. ㅤDeath will not matter much to him, but he cannot sell his life to all kinds of stupidities, to all kinds of stupid people.
He cannot serve them.



➠ Many today are just going through the motions of living. In a society that is nearly mechanical, many just live thoughtlessly and carelessly through each day of their lives following trends, devoting their lives to material possessions, overindulging in mindless gratification, over inflating their egos, and using others to further their interests. Many don’t take time to reflect on their life and think deeply on the true nature of who we are and are oblivious of the Divine Spark that is in each of us.

➠ Many are unhappy and lost due to the lack of inner virtue and wisdom. The Greek Philosopher Socrates taught that the person who is truly happy has a fully examined life and knows thyself. The examined self behaves justly and lives a courageous life. When living life unreflectively, we are not exploring deep questions such as “Who am I?” Or “What is my life’s purpose?”

➠ This is a big step to making our souls more godlike. Indeed, it is easy to question who you are, but it is a long spiritual journey to answer. When knowing thyself, you find things that you’ve never noticed about yourself and can possibly achieve your fullest potential and may even come to find your esoteric spiritual self. Socrates said “the truth lies within each of us” and believed we can achieve high knowledge that we can discover through a critical reflective analysis of our psyche.

➠ We can discover our life’s meaning and ourselves or live life as a sleeping individual that Socrates warned the citizens of Athens about. Is he right? Can we understand ourselves so deeply and understand our life’s meaning?




The Matrix - Breaking Free

The Matrix and pyramid structure is a concept or definition of more '' powerful '' groups of orion influenced humans who seek to control the worlds resources by keeping esoteric/spiritual information a secret, creating ruling classes and by designing and creating a system in where souls are kept in the physical dimension and are subject to mind control, health decay and spiritual blindness. Even though we can see some of these things implemented in our worlds history and current time, this doesn't have to be our future. This doesn't have to be the way WE live and exist. We are entering a new era, an era of open source information and spiritual technology solutions so the soul can be set free and increase in frequency .

We only exist in the pyramid structure if we agree to that in our consciousness. If we believe it to be true, it will be true for our reality. We can only exist in the hands of the controllers if we ourselves create that definition and that belief. We are the programmers of our reality and our world, not some external entities

The Awakening -- Full Documentary


One can now understand why Fear and Anger is what is prevalent in today’s society. These inhabit the lower vibrations or the lower 3 chakra. Living and thinking with your heart is the stepping stone to higher vibrations. When you can see past the fear of the false flag attacks. See past the controlled media you will begin to see the truth. Start to live the life you want instead of the programming of whats around you.


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