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Cartman1Dec 4, 2016, 10:17:08 AM

Come inside the 'IMAGINARIUM'~and join me, @SatoriD and @kdjh to discuss how the concious keys of creation are a unique experience for each individual experiencing existence within the 3D realm...aka 3rd density Earth!!!

🌿What specifically is the creation process,in the context of duality?

🌿How does 'ONE' endeavour to improve understanding of the duality of the masculine and feminine forces, and how they relate to the Natural Law and the Law of One?

🌿What is it that actually constitutes the masculine and feminine in their archetypal forms?

🌿How can we achieve mastery of the masculine and feminine energies ?

🌿Understanding synthesis of the masculine and feminine energies, and how synthesis of the two will create the growth and advancement we desire