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This map of physics shows how every aspect of the science is connected

Alternative World News NetworkDec 2, 2016, 11:25:40 PM

Science, and the physics within, is a vast and arcing discipline.  From Newton's classical mechanics to Einstein's relativity, the connections between physical theories can seem daunting to one that does not have a solid grasp of the language or the study.

Fortunately, people realize this disparity and some, like YouTuber Dominic Walliman, have taken it upon themselves to educate the masses in a succinct, eight-minute video and a sweet poster.

Walliman pieces together the systems of physics, as we know it, beginning with Newton.  You can glance at the image and get an idea of what's going on and you can watch his video on the diagram, in which he builds it piece by piece and lets you follow along.

Walliman gives a fairly basic explanation of each form of physics and explains that there is a huge chunk that we don't know.  Then, there are areas that we don't yet know that we don't know.  It's almost like the more we learn, the more we learn that we have more to learn.

Just relax into it.

You can buy a poster version of the map here, and also download a higher res version.

Now check out his video and subscribe to him on YouTube if you like it.  We need more people teaching the complicated stuff with fun cartoons; it's not hard to learn if you like learning it.