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First NIST employee claims the government "ignored" and "dismissed" evidence of WTC controlled demolition

Alternative World News NetworkNov 30, 2016, 8:48:44 PM

For the first time, an employee of the very organization that ran the initial reports on the 9/11 World Trade Center building collapse has spoken out about the company's claim that they came down due to office fires.

Peter Michael Ketcham, who, from 1997 until 2011, worked in the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST's) High Performance Systems and Services Division and later in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, spoke out in a rage about the way the organization handled the investigation into the cause of the falls.

"The NIST I knew," he wrote, "was intellectually open, non-defensive, and willing to consider competing explanations. The more I investigated, the more apparent it became that NIST had reached a predetermined conclusion by ignoring, dismissing, and denying the evidence."

Speaking about the "disconnect between the NIST WTC reports and logical reasoning," he points out the article "15 years later: On the physics of high-rise building collapses," produced by two engineers, a physicist and a senior staff member of the organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).

The article states that the buildings could not have come down in any other fashion than a controlled demolition.  The thousands of architects and engineers that have come out in support of this claim, that the buildings were, without a doubt, brought down in a controlled fashion has only emboldened the claim.

Ketcham ended his letter, published in the European Physical Society's bimonthly magazine, Europhysics News, by encouraging NIST to "blow the whistle on itself now while there is still time."