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Inside the world's most luxurious doomsday bunker

BazzaxNov 27, 2016, 9:25:59 PM

Humanity seems to have an odd love/hate relationship with the end of the world. We certainly don’t want everything we know and our cozy civilization (at least here in the west) blown to pieces, leaving only cockroaches behind. There is some morbid fascination people have with the apocalypse, whether that Armageddon comes in the shape of a stellar collision, or the dead not staying in their graves. Some even prepare themselves for what they see as the coming Judgment Day and since the height of the Cold War that protection is mainly nuclear bunkers. If you do not feel like whiling the nuclear winters in a dank concrete tube, eating bland and woeful mush from a tin, then there are luxury bunkers that allow you to wait for the radiation levels to die down in style!

One such bunker is The Oppidum in a secret location in the Czech Republic, dubbed as the largest billionaire bunker in the world.

The 323,000 square foot former Cold War bunker comes with a kid’s playroom, screening room and simulated outdoors, with a penthouse of 6,780 square feet (plus six guest apartments).

The opulence extends to an office/conference room, a swimming pool, complete with screens depicting lush gardens and a wine cellar with ten years’ worth of alcohol to toast Armageddon!

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