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You can murder in Kentucky and get parole in 12 years, but cannabis gets 20 years to life

Alternative World News NetworkMar 25, 2020, 8:52:32 PM

“You can kill someone in Kentucky and be eligible for parole in 12 years," says Rand Paul, "but we have people in jail for marijuana sales for 55 years, life, 20 years, 25 years."

Paul is talking about the outdated and excruciating "Jim Crow" type laws that are in place regarding marijuana possession and sale.

"We’ve gone too far in all of this and then when you add up the numbers, even the white kids and black kids use marijuana at about the same rate and in national surveys the arrests and incarceration rate is four times greater for black males than it is for white males.

“I think that the law needs to be fair and that we shouldn’t incarcerate one race more than another and I think the law should be fair in the sense that the penalties should be proportionate to the crime,” he says.

Paul is a leader in the decriminalization of marijuana and keeping non-violent offenders out of prison.

“Bill Clinton presided over the incarceration of a whole generation of young black men,” Paul said on The Wilkow Majority. “We are putting young black men in jail at a rate never before seen in history and it’s because of this war on drugs.

“But now that I’ve been speaking out and saying that mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow, now all of a sudden the Clintons are saying, ‘oh wait a minute, we are going to be back on the other side of this issue right now.’”

Paul believes he threw a wrench into the plans of the DNC early on, spotlighting the faulty methods of the Clintons duing Bill's presidency.

“And I hate to tell you this, but someone from the Democrat National Committee is listening to our radio interview right now and they are looking for ways to attack me, because they see me as a threat to Hillary Clinton, because I’m going to the south side of Chicago, I’m going to the inner city of Philadelphia, I’m going to Baltimore, I’m going to Ferguson, and I’m saying, what have the Democrats done for you? What have they done to alleviate poverty? What have they done for crime? What have they done for the young men in your community and you know why? It’s starting to gain traction, and that is why we lead her in several states that Obama won.”

In fact, Clinton did not win the race and Paul may have had something to do with it.  Though his damage was done early on and Clinton was embroiled in a slew of other controversies, the sickening position on criminalizing marijuana was one that stood out.

This guy is serving a life sentence for seven pounds!