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EvanBarkmanNov 20, 2016, 8:47:47 AM

It's not uncommon for me to talk about Rebels or Rebellion in my posts. I should probably describe what I mean by it, as to avoid at least some confusion, especially since I am very much is support of what I call rebellion.

I believe most people are conformists. They like to be comfortable. This is perfectly natural and isn't necessarily a bad thing, but no one needs to be encouraged to conform. In Quantum Physics this would be called the Ground State, where the particle is at its lowest energy state. But conformists don't change the world.

That brings me to rebels. Rebels don't care about being comfortable. In Quantum Physics this would be called an excited state. Stuff happens. Its rebels that think outside the box, its rebels that take risks and its rebels who end up creating civilization.

Now where my Quantum Physics analogy really shines because a Ground State can become an Excited State with the simple addition of a photon. A conformist can easily become a rebel with the simple addition of an idea.

Now I am a little worried that all this encouragement of rebels could end up breaking Evan’s First Rule of Sorcery: “Do not call up that which you can not put down” but Rebels are risk takers.