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DESMOND Serialized SciFi Novel (synopsis)

FireAwayMarmotNov 16, 2016, 9:18:02 PM

This is the synopsis for a novel I have written, the first 11 chapters of which I published in 2014 on my website, fireawaymarmot.com. At that point the project lost steam, one reason being that I became ambivelent about how to finish the story. Another is that no one was reading it. Now I have decided to pick up the story again and continue it to it's completion. That is a commitment I am making to the readers here on Minds; The novel will be released in full. Every few days I will release the first 11 chapters, then settle into a rhythm of I chapter per week. If you want to read all 11 chapters now, they are on my website at this link. 

Desmond isn't the same anymore. Wendy knows this, because she has to live with this fact every day now, ever since the accident. She takes care of him the best she can, and tries not to think back to the event that rendered her husband little more than a wheelchair bound vegetable.

She tries, but can't avoid it – her mind casting helplessly back to the day of the experiment. He had been so bold and confident, so brilliant in his vision that she found herself only too willing to assist in the project, in spite of it's obvious risks. It had been an audacious and foolhardy undertaking, like everything he did, back then. Daring to the point of madness, even. Her own scientific mind had been torn between the rational need for careful planning, and the intoxicating allure of the sheer scope, the possibilities that Desmond's reckless inspiration presented to her.

And so Wendy had gone along with the experiment, and something had gone wrong, something had triggered an accident, and now Wendy lives from day to day with her guilt and her memories, and her broken, helpless husband.

But sometimes, Wendy notices something... something in Desmond's eye. Almost a glimmer, some faint ghost of the old Desmond, trapped within waiting to get out. That, and something more. She's not quite sure just what it is, but as the weeks pass and a series of minor yet strange events take place, Wendy begins to suspect that in some way her husband is not quite as he appears to be.

On that fateful morning several months earlier, Desmond Roberts, using mysteriously advanced equipment acquired through equally mysterious forces, had conducted an experiment unlike any the world has ever seen. With the help of his wife Wendy, he had attempted to create a portal to another dimension, and to pass through it, himself. The experiment had gone wrong, there was a terrible explosion, and now Desmond was damaged beyond repair.

The experiment had failed.


Hadn't it?