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Dog Chained for 10 Years Gets Rescued

BazzaxNov 14, 2016, 10:53:27 PM

Animal Advocates Society in British Columbia, Canada, shared a dreadful video of this poor dog they named “Judith.” Originally called “Judas” by her owners, they kept her chained outside in all weathers. Neighbors recall how the dog’s captivity involved no comforts of any kind, often going without food and water. Judith spent every night sleeping in cold mud and feces, her owners were even spotted urinating on her. Many neighbors attempted reaching out to British Columbia’s Society for Protection Against Cruelty To Animals (BCSPCA) to rescue Judith. However, the relief charity only offered $50 to terminate the dog’s life.

Luckily the neighbors reached out to Animal Advocates Society (AAS), who acted before the 24-hour window where her owners could get Judith destroyed and claim the $50 reward. AAS rescued Judith where the BCSPCA could have intervened and prosecuted them under British Columbia’s Cruelty To Animals Act. However, they refused to do this, and Judith’s former owners received no charges or fines. Happily for Judith, she was saved and rehomed with a loving family. Although her hips gave her pain, her new owners cared for Judith until the end, even wheeling her around in a cart. Thanks to the activism of this organization, at least Judith knew some happiness and love in her life.

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