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4th Dimension Explained By A High-School Student

BazzaxNov 14, 2016, 8:23:51 PM

xkcdHatGuy” is a student from Chicago with an intimidating grasp on mathematical dimensions. With 55,000 followers on YouTube, his video topics range from social issues to cosmology, yet his tackling of the 4th dimension got his channel noticed – attracting over 6 million hits. Connectors and the power of his voice start xkcdHatGuy's demonstration off with one dimension, a line backward and forwards. If said line is curved, even slightly, eventually that line will come back to its beginning. He moves to the two-dimensional – a square – adding height and width, made of infinite one dimensions. A 2D perspective can only see 1D.

2D evolves into the cube of 3 dimensions: up, down, side to side and all around. Beings in this dimension see objects in 2D. The 4th dimension can often be mistaken for time, although if time threads all dimensions, it would share all dimensional properties and therefore cannot be an aspect of a dimension itself. Four dimensions form a tesseract, a model of a tesseract unfolded into 3D (or appearing 2D drawn on paper) would create eight cubes as a cube would make six squares. 4D beings would see in 3D, even through walls and skin, due to the interlocking of dimensions (evident in how we see up, down and around). As with numbers, there are no limits to dimensions; it ends where our imagination does.

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