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Cartman1Feb 21, 2019, 2:01:49 PM

Many artists possess an ability to paint consciousness at different levels.

Artists can perceive consciousness in different states ,by collapsing perceived illusory realities of what the ego believes life actually is.

In order to access the many and varied states of consciousness, first we must experience a total and complete collapse of the ego.

Before a rising in consciousness can happen, we must enter a place of complete darkness, DESPAIR.

Going into darkness, means everything we once believed to be of the utmost importance, becomes meaningless.

There's a great movie called The Neverending Story, and they speak of The NOTHING. I believe that the 'NOTHING' is the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.

Usually, one would experience the dark night of the soul after experiencing a very traumatic experience. A tragedy that shakes them to the core, and in most cases this collapses their current 'perceived framework of life' they usually see which is the basis for their existence in life and a definition of their character, whom they believe to be due to societal conditioning programmes, also programming from one's parents and certain belief system's that have been powerfully instilled, via religion and institutional oppression.

When something major occurs, perhaps something that would be looked upon as unfair, or unjust, such as a death of a child, a complete loss of everything due to financial collapse or it could be a major betrayal from another, whom they'd previously placed total faith in and had trusted and loved completely.

This results in a breaking down of the original belief system and then doubts, despondency and an innate feeling of failure may set into the psyche as a result. For instance, a person who has followed a religion to the letter for many years, worshipped their chosen god with unfaltering loyalty, followed the doctrine to the letter and then out of the blue they lose a child due to a long drawn-out terminal illness and long period of suffering. This being the kind of experience that would trigger ' the dark night of the soul', plunging the individual into a state of meaningless, darkness and 'nothingness'~aka DEPRESSION.

They wonder...

'Why me'? I've been a good person all my life and now this is my reward?

If somebody believes that practicing a religious doctrine will give them a good life and rewards, an experience that involves going through intense suffering will suddenly shake their original belief system and more often than not, collapse that belief system and so they enter into the dark night of the soul.

I believe depression is the shedding of the ego and as a person experiences 'nothingness', they start to break down the illusions of whom they initially believed to be, as they have 'NOTHING' to lose.

~The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose~

James A Baldwin.

As a therapist I tell people that depression is a good thing, although unpleasant, as all healing processes are, either physical or emotional, as it breaks down the old structure, and eliminates old programmes. It gives us a new perspective as the ego falls away, due to feeling as though we have nothing to lose as we have been stripped down to the 'bare bones'.

As we experience depression, a metamorphosis starts to happen within us, this is the start of our 'Awakening'.

As we awaken little by little, we start to live more in the moment, the 'Now' and as a result of being in the 'NOW'~we start to see more of the LIGHT, we see more beauty in our existence.

A small child always experiences such beauty as they have not been subjected to as much conditioning which happens by the time we reach adulthood.

A child exists in the moment and will attempt to share this joyful experience with the adults in their life.

Children are our greatest teachers, as they have a direct link to ' the source'.

Children bring heaven to earth.

~Every child is an Artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up~

Pablo Picasso.

When you are in a state of 'KNOWING', you're existing in the 'NOW' completely free of fear and doubt. Being free of fear and doubt deeper into the 'NOW'.

Remembering and holding on to the past, is a time based 3rd dimensional construct. It's when we believe we're in the present while processing memory programmes of the past. This suggests that time exists, but time is just an illusion, a 'construct'.

The illusion of time holds us tight in old consciousness programmes. It stunts our spiritual growth and holds us in lower levels of consciousness.

To be in the 'NOW', is to be in a consciousness state of 'KNOWING'. We will then experience the collapsing of TIME.

This starts with the perception of time 'going faster'. Time appears to be speeding up then we start to experience more synchronicity.

Carl Jung referred to these synchronistic events as meaningful coincidences.

As we can continue to elevate consciousness further, by being in a state of 'KNOWING', we start to see the connections between all things like never before.

We are multidimensional beings, universally connected as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, split into unique aspects of the one consciousness, having a human experience.


Artist's re-create conciousness states that they tap into when they feel inspired to compose a piece of music, write or speak using the powerful vibration of words, or apply paint to the canvas.

We are all creator's, infinitely connected, sharing our 'Imagination of Creation' and evolving the Universal Mind together.




Create something magnificent...

Love, Light and blessings to all...